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Tour Ivoirien de la Paix Cycliste – Canada’s Phil Cortes 5th

March 10, 2008 – We just heard from Phil Cortes (Can) Amore & Vita-McDonald’s who is racing at the Tour Ivoirien de la Paix Cycliste where he finished 5th today.

“Just a quick to let you know that I finished 5th today on Stage 4 of the Tour Ivoirien de la Paix Cycliste (2.1) on the Ivory coast. I was in the break of five, attacking with 3km to go – we got caught then attacked again with 1km to go, but again we got caught at 300m from the line. Here are the top 10.”


1. Jimmy Engoulvent (Credit Agricole)145km in 3h25’44(42.287kph)
2. Mathieu Claude (Bouygues Telecom)
3. Sergio Lagana (LPR Brakes)
4. Clemens Fankhauser (Elk Haus Simplon)
5. Phil Cortes (Amore & Vita-McDonald’s )
6. Rony Martias (Bouygues Telecom)@ 1:29
7. Nicholas Roche (Credit Agricole)
8. Matteo Montagut i(LPR Brakes)
9. Graziano Gasparre (Amore & Vita-McDonald’s )
10. Berket Yemane (Erythree National)

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