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Tour for Kids Registration Now Open

February 27, 2006 – This year the OCA is starting the Tour for Kids on the rural roads north of Richmond Hill and Markham. Close to the 404 with plenty of free and convenient parking, this year’s launch point opens onto calm rural roads far away from the bustle of urban life. Don’t forget, Tour For Kids welcomes cyclist of all abilities. If the full stage distance is daunting, remember that everyday has a 100km route option. Returning Century riders may be delighted to learn that, after Day 1, there won’t be any busing! As always, if you can’t break away for 4 days, come along with the Weekenders! Friday afternoon, leave you car at the start and travel by bus to hook up with the rest of the gang for two amazing days of incredible cycling. You’ll find the same great food and support throughout the event. The camping experience on nights 1 and 2 will be the best yet and on the final night, you and roomie will be bunking down indoors. Oh laa laa! In fine Tour For Kids form, there’s sure to be entertainment and, maybe, “chicken”.

Spring Warm-Up
This 1 day, Tour For Kids “mini-event” is great way to introduce
friends and novice riders to the Tour For Kids family. Fully
supported with lunch and extras, there are 25km, 50km and 120km
loops. Break into the season with a stellar day of riding through the
beautiful Halton region.

Coming Soon!
Family Day & Concert, September 2006 featuring our friends, the
Barenaked Ladies!
For more information
If you have questions about the Tour for Kids experience, we want to
hear from you. Please leave a message on the hotline, GTA 905 271
6203 Toll Free 1 866 381 4446 or email info@tourforkids.com

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