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Tour de Dog Loop Final Results

by pedalmag.com

May 18, 2009 (Durham Bridge, NB) – Here are the final results of the two-stage Tour de Dog Loop held on May 17. Living up to its name, the road circuit saw a return of some canine sprint coaches – they had been absent for a couple of years but riders reported that two rather large ones were present and in action on the circuit today. The rain was a bit of a downer and caused numerous DNFs due to flats or hypothermia but all in all the ability based categories worked well and gave almost everyone at least some pack riding experience.

Category A

1. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge)
2. Lorrenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle)
3. Adam Douthwright (Radical Edge)
4. Brian McKeown (Radical Edge)
5. Ryan Taylor (Opus/NRG)
6. Thomas Beazley (Hub Cycle)
7. Denis Hebert (Incline Sports)
8. Jeff Currie (Mike’s Bike Shop)
9. Charles Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop)
DNF Shaughn Smith
DNF Mike Leblanc
DNF Mike Davis
DNF Jean-Richard Cormier
DNF Pat Mulherin
DNF Eric White

Category B
1. Jon Spinney (Sea Level Cycling Club)
2. Francois Gazzano (Mike’s Bike Shop)
3. Sebastien Boudreau (Radical Edge)
4. Kelly Murray (Radical Edge)
5. Ian Dennis (Mike’s Bike Shop)
6. Zuzana Ecerova
7. Rene Julien (Mike’s Bike Shop)
8. Jessica Dahn (Radical Edge)
9. Natalie Cormier (Radical Edge)
10. Julia Cormier (Radical Edge)
11. Emily Nickerson
DNF Kevin Bessner
DNF Stephen Martin

Category C
1. Pierre-Yves Gervez (Fort Kent, Maine)
2. Ian Forbes (Radical Edge)
3. Melanie Bordage (Mike’s Bike Shop)
4. Bradley Wood
5. Devin Service

Category D
1. TJ Worden Rogers (Moncton NB)
2. Andrew Evans (Fredericton (NB)
3. Heidi Evans (Fredericton (NB)
DNF Andre Hebert

The next event on the Velo NB calendar is the Woolastook 5-hour mountain bike endurance event in Woolastook Park near Fredericton. Further information can be found at www.velo.nb.ca

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