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Tour de Delta 2006 – Hill Climb

July 22, 2006 — Sarah Uhl of Philadelphia and Ryan Hopping of Fort McMurray, Alberta were the hottest riders on the hottest night of the year, steaming up the steep incline on Center street to win the men’s and women’s races in the Brenco Hill Climb, the opening event of the 6th annual Tour de Delta, July 21-23.

The Queen of Delta, Uhl, picked up where she left off last year when she won the Brenco Hill climb and Lehigh Cement Criterium and finished 2nd in the White Spot Road Race. The Penn State grad blazed up the hill in 1.21.18, four seconds faster than anyone else among 38 starters. Michelle Hyland of New Zealand finished 2nd and Langley’s Marni Hambleton took 3rd.

“I had the advantage of doing this 3 times before and I have the advantage of knowing which line is best and using it and it paid off,” said Uhl, adding “I’m really looking forward to the rest of the weekend.”

With 2005 men’s winner, Tyler Farrar now racing in Europe there was no defending champion in the men’s field of nearly 100 riders. Fort McMurray’s Ryan Hopping was the surprise winner of the 2006 edition with a time of 1:07.20. Regina’s Bradley Kerr was 2nd and local boy Cam Evans of Tsawassen was 3rd.

Hopping and Kerr were just the sixth group to ride up Center Street and their times held up through 44 other pairings to give Prairie provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan respectively, the top two places in a hill climb.

“I couldn’t watch (the rest of the riders),” said Hopping. “There were so many great riders in the other groupings, I didn’t think my time would hold up. This is only the second hill climb I’ve ever done — the first being White Rock last week where I finished second. I was hoping for a top five finish in Delta, but to win it, was over the top.”

The Tour de Delta continues with the Lehigh Cement Criterium on Saturday, July 22 at 4:30pm and concludes with the White Spot Road Race on Sunday, July 23 at 9am.

For more information on the Tour de Delta, visit the website at www.tourdedelta.com or call 604-952-3545


1 Sarah Uhl (USA) Home Depot Center Team 01:21.18
2 Michelle Hyland (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:25.20
3 Marni Hambleton (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 01:25.62
4 Leah Guloin (CAN) Sugoi / Giant 01:26.18
5 Rosara Joseph (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:26.63
6 Dawn Berg (CAN) Oak Bay Bikes 01:27.03
7 Carissa Wilkes (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:28.76
8 Hiroko Shimada (JPN) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team 01:29.78
9 Leah Goldstein (ISR) Symmetrics Cycling Team 01:29.96
10 Clare Hall-Patch (CAN) Oak Bay Bikes 01:31.02
11 Jane Ziegler (USA) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team 01:31.33
12 Lieselot Decroix (BEL) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team 01:31.96
13 Jaymie McGowan (CAN) Oak Bay Bikes 01:32.02
14 Danielle Kenny (CAN) CMC / Bow Cycle 01:32.36
15 Lisa Tasa (CAN) Chapman Land Surveying Racing 01:32.61
16 Brei Dudsell (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:33.91
17 Jenelle Cassidy (CAN) Dizzy Chicks 01:35.42
18 Anna Tratnyek (CAN) Terry Precision 01:35.87
19 Serena Sheridan (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:35.93
20 Lee Darling (CAN) Team Coastal 01:36.92
21 Maria Lee (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 01:37.04
22 Barb Zimich (CAN) Team Coastal 01:37.14
23 Kristine Brynjolfson (CAN) Team Coastal 01:37.25
24 Lauren Koedyk (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 01:37.33
25 Heather Gerth (CAN) Dizzy Chicks 01:37.47
26 Natasha Kuzmak (CAN) Synergy Racing 01:37.55
27 Sarah Stewart (CAN) Wedgewood Cycling Team 01:37.80
28 Lisa Ludwig (CAN) Oak Bay Bikes 01:38.53
29 Leslie Vice (CAN) Dizzy Chicks 01:39.01
30 Susan Smith (CAN) A.C. Lyon Vaise 01:41.48
31 Tanya Bagnell (CAN) ERTC 01:41.95
32 Sarah Kerlin (USA) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team 01:42.27
33 Jen Chapman (USA) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team 01:47.85
34 Lisa Dorian (CAN) Dizzy Chicks 01:49.94
35 Jennifer Gerth (CAN) Team Coastal 01:54.60
36 Mandy Poitras (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 02:18.21
DNS Laura Brown (CAN) CMC / Bow Cycle
DNS Kele Murdin (USA) Velo Bella-Kona Road Team
DNS Stacy Spencer (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale

Men – Pro 1/2

1 Ryan Hopping (CAN) ERTC Redbike 01:07.20
2 Bradley Kerr (CAN) Gigabike/La-Z-Boy 01:08.62
3 Cameron Evans (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:08.97
4 Dave Richter (USA) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire C.C. 01:09.25
5 Dan Martin (CAN) Safeway/G.A. Communications 01:09.60
6 Brandon Crichton (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:10.25
7 Dan MacDonald (CAN) Unattached 01:10.54
8 Tim Sherstobitoff (CAN) Total Restoration 01:10.91
9 Will Routley (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:11.04
10 Philippe Abbott (CAN) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire C.C. 01:11.10
11 Doug Ollerenshaw (USA) Health Net Presented by Maxxis 01:11.11
12 Bradley Fairall (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:11.61
13 Kirk O’Bee (USA) Health Net Presented by Maxxis 01:11.90
14 Jacob Erker (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:12.00
15 Peter Sanowar (CAN) ItalPasta/ Transport Belmire C.C. 01:12.11
16 Michael Sayers (USA) Health Net Presented by Maxxis 01:12.17
17 Jordan Guenette (CAN) Masi Adobe 01:12.74
18 Jesse James Collins (CAN) BiciSport Gruppo Sportivo 01:13.03
19 Taylor Sheldom (USA) Team CenturyTel 01:13.12
20 Ryan Roth (CAN) Team R.A.C.E. 01:13.22
21 Brad Bingham (USA) Team CenturyTel / VRAD 01:13.49
22 Ryan McNamara (CAN) Gigabike/La-Z-Boy 01:13.51
23 Daniel Neyens (USA) Broadmark Capitol/Hagens Berman LLP 01:13.75
24 Cory Forrest (CAN) Total Restoration 01:13.82
25 Craig de Bellefeuile (CAN) Synergy Racing 01:13.86
26 Chuck Hill (USA) Hi-Tech Bikes/ 5 Star Fish 01:13.90
27 Jeff Schiller (CAN) Team R.A.C.E. 01:14.08
28 Aaron Tuckerman (NZL) Team Rubicon/Gleukos 01:14.29
29 Matt Guse (CAN) Team R.A.C.E. 01:14.43
30 Kirk Carlsen (USA) Team Rubicon/Gleukos 01:14.54
31 Craig de Gier (CAN) GS Campione 01:14.72
32 Ryan Anderson (CAN) Avia West 01:14.72
33 Gord Fraser (CAN) Health Net Presented by Maxxis 01:15.01
34 Cameron Hughes (AUS) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire C.C. 01:15.26
35 Andrew Randell (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:15.31
36 Roy Pickavance (USA) Team CenturyTel 01:15.43
37 Eric Wohlberg (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:15.54
38 Andrew Pinfold (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:15.54
39 Jonathan Gormick (CAN) Steed Cycles / SRAM / RCBDS 01:15.59
40 Derek McMaster (CAN) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire C.C. 01:16.11
41 John Perkins (CAN) GS Campione 01:16.12
42 Conor Hurley (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling 01:16.21
43 Marcel Aarden (CAN) Gigabike/La-Z-Boy 01:16.88
44 Shaun Adamson (CAN) Juventus 01:17.01
45 Anthony Steenbergen (CAN) H&R Block 01:17.10
46 Dan Skinner (CAN) Total Restoration 01:17.26
47 Ryan Smith (CAN) Total Restoration 01:18.13
48 Brian Vaughan (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling 01:19.12
49 Robin White (CAN) Avia West 01:19.13
50 Roman Kilun (USA) Health Net Presented by Maxxis 01:19.19
51 Justin Lillie (USA) Boston Scientific Cycling 01:19.63
52 Dave Brooks (CAN) Gigabike/La-Z-Boy 01:20.18
53 Dan Schmit (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale 01:20.33
54 Matthew Hall (USA) Team CenturyTel 01:20.69
55 Taylor Knueven (USA) Broadmark Capitol/Hagens Berman LLP 01:21.34
56 Matthew Walker (CAN) Gigabike/La-Z-Boy 01:21.36
57 Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Century Tel 01:21.69
58 Richard Speer (NZL) Team Rubicon/Gleukos 01:21.70
59 Ryan Clarke (CAN) Team Coastal 01:22.23
60 Jackson Buehler (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale 01:22.68
61 Simon Craig (CAN) Spoke N Motion 01:23.13
62 Jay Hawranik (CAN) GS Campione 01:23.18
63 Damien Waugh (CAN) Masi Adobe 01:23.58
64 Trevor Connor (CAN) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles 01:24.04
65 Ryan Olson (CAN) GS Campione 01:24.27
66 Fraser Hayes (CAN) Avia West 01:26.33
67 Daniel Carruthers (NZL) Hansaton Hearing Systems 01:26.60
68 Dave Vukets (CAN) Team R.A.C.E. 01:27.12
69 Harley Borlee (CAN) H & R Block 01:27.17
70 Sven Sturm (GER) TREK – Red Truck Ale 01:27.62
71 David Godfrey (CAN) Team Rubicon Gleukos 01:28.01
72 Scott Malone (CAN) Steed Cycles / SRAM / RCBDS 01:28.20
73 Jeff Ain (CAN) Escape Velocity / DEVO 01:28.21
74 Ed Makarchuk (CAN) KHS Bicycles Canada 01:28.73
75 Andrew Thompson (NZL) Trek New Zealand 01:34.63
76 Logan Hunn (NZL) Team Rubicon/Gleukos 01:35.07
77 Siro Camponogara (ITA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 01:49.53
78 Svein Tuft (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 01:50.91
79 Christian Meier (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling 02:00.57
80 Vassili Davidenko (RUS) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 02:15.85
81 Hilton Clarke (AUS) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 02:45.92
DNS Eric Harvey (CAN) Bayside Cycling Club
DNS Andrew Greydanus (CAN) unattached
DNS John Tolkamp (CAN) Escape Velocity / DEVO
DNS Garth White (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale
DNS Sean Williams (CAN) Total Restoration
DNS Gary Wade (CAN) Total Restoration
DNS Philip Burgess (IRL) Masi Adobe
DNS Carlos Capela (CAN) Unattached
DNS Oleg Grishkin (RUS) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
DNS Morgan Schmidtt (USA) Broadmark Capitol/Hagens Berman LLP
DNS Josh James (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale
DNS Nick Rowe (CAN) Espoir Laval
DNS Chris Worsfold (CAN) Team Coastal
DNS Daniel Maggiacomo (CAN) ItalPasta/ Transport Belmire C.C.
DNS Kevin Noiles (CAN) Masi Adobe
DNS Carl Jacobson (CAN) Masi Adobe
DNS Shane Savage (CAN) Unattached
DNS Marsh Cooper (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling

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