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Toronto Midweek Series Back For \’06

April 11, 2006 – The Midweek Tuesday Elite Series is back for 2006:

Start Date: Tuesday April 18, 2006

Start Time: 6:30 pm on April 18 and 25th. 7:00 until September

Location: Tahoe and Buckhorn, Mississauga

Midweek Series: Elite, Masters and if numbers warrant Women

Circuit Description: a flat closed horseshoe shaped 1 km course. No bumps. New asphalt. 3 wide lanes wide. Most of the course will be closed to traffic.

Numbers: Please bring and use your OCA numbers

Parking: NO parking is allowed in or on TD Financial’s Property. We recommend you park at Centennial Park and ride over. 3 hour maximum parking is allowed in the residential areas neighbouring the venue. Please do NOT crowd out our neighbours by “clustering” and using all their parking spots.

Caution: To ensure that we can retain the right-to-use of this venue, the Club will be enforcing a code of conduct and requesting the OCA to sanction riders who break the CCA rule book’s code of conduct. In addition you will be sanctioned for the following infractions:

– parking or use of TD Financial’s property
– bad language against other riders, auto drivers or pedestrians
– leaving litter on the course
– changing clothes on a residential street

Volunteers Needed: Marshals to assist with auto control. Please contact Craig at 416.252.7903

Volunteers needed to deliver a householder mailing one week-night to invite our neighbours to come out and watch. When: Early May. Please let Craig 416.252.7903 know if you can spare an hour.

Program Co-ordinators: Amit & Craig

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