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Toronto Cross Flash Results

by pedalmag.com
October 15, 2011 (Toronto, ON) – Here are some brief results from the Toronto Cross presented by the Midweek Cycling Club as it debuted “under the lights” races in Centennial Park on Oct. 15 for the first time in Ontario. Julie Marceau (LapDogs Racing) and Andrew Watson (Norco) won the Elite Women’s and Men’s races respectively.

Results (brief)

Elite Women
1. Julie Marceau (LapDogs Racing) 48:13
2. Jamie Gilgen (Beaches)

Master Women
1. Jennifer Crake (Lapdogs) 47:08
2. Aly Armstrong (Team CF) 3:42
3. Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction) 11:18

M1 Men
1. Andrew Crouch (The Hub) 1:05:07
2. Tristan Smit (Evolution Cycles) 0:14
3. Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions) 0:37

Elite Men
1. Andrew Watson (Norco) 1:00:04
2. Zachary Hughes (The Hub) 1:18
3. Benjamin Perry (Team CHCH)  3:05

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