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Toronto Cross Features Under the Lights Race – Pre-Reg Until 12 Noon on Oct. 14

by pedalmag.com

October 12, 2011 (Toronto, ON) – The Toronto Cross has upped the ante this year featuring an under the lights race on Oct. 15 – a first for Ontario CX as far as we know – as organizers confirmed, “As a result of testing of supplemental lighting the Oct 15 race will be under the lights.”

Veteran Ontario crosser and winner of the recent Hillbilly Hustle, Nathan Chown (Team CF), commented, “There have been practice races (under the lights) but nothing official so this should be interesting. I did Diegem in Belgium at night and it was pretty intense.”

Day One on Oct. 15th features the first race taking place at 5:30pm with the Elites racing at 8:20pm at the Ski Hill Centennial Park at Rathburn & Renforth in Toronto with $1,300 in prizes. Day Two on Sunday, Oct. 16 is part of the OCA Southern Ontario Series and the first race is at 12 noon. Organizers added, “…for your planning purposes please expect the schedule to be something like this…”

Sat. Oct 15 – Race Schedule – under the lights : 4 pm registration opens, 5:30 start group 1, 6:45 start group 2, & 8:20 start group 3, last podium 9:25 pm – 2.8km to 3km per lap – course set-up by 2pm Oct 15.

This schedule enables you to attend the Toronto Fall Blowout Sale Bike Show in the morning and race in the evening.

Sun Oct 16 – Race Schedule : 10:30 am registration opens, 12 noon start group 1, 1:30 pm start group 2, & 3:00 start group 3, last podium 4:05 pm – 3 to 3.5 km per lap  Later start later than normal so that race team has time to finish making the switch from Oct 15th’s course to Oct 16th’s course – course set-up by 10:30 am Oct 16.

Start group 1:
•             Beginner
•             Master 3 men
•             Under 17 M/F

Start group 2:
•             Under 19 (Junior) Men
•             Master 2 Men
•             Elite 1/2/3 Women (Including under 19), Master Women

Start group 3:
•             Elite 1/2/3 Men
•             Master 1 Men

Combined 2-day entry fee $70 via pre-registration until 12:00 noon on Friday October 14.
All riders are strongly encouraged to pre-register.
Event day registration will be available with payment by CASH ONLY.

Technical Guide HERE.

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