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Toronto Criterium 2008 – Report, Full Results, Photos

June 1, 2008 (Toronto, ON) — It was an exciting event as the Toronto Criterium returned after a 17-year haitus with many of Canada’s top cyclists descending on the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto on Friday, May 30, to put on a show of determination and speed for thousands of cheering spectators.

The festivities kicked off with a children’s race where participants negotiated a 1km single lap that was won handily by a one-two combination of Cycle Solutions riders, with the youngest competitor, still on his training wheels, bringing up the rear.

Women, Master and Junior Men

Next on course it was the Women, Master Men, and Junior racers, featuring lots of solo attacks that were all reeled in by a hungry pack. The high speed of the peloton caused some attrition and no doubt contributed to a number of crashes, the most serious of which took down and out a number of the top contenders in the women’s race. After flurries of attacks in the first 3/4 of the race, the pack settled in for some quiet, but nervous final laps before winding up for a sprint finish, much to the delight of the crowd. David Fry (Independent) from Scarborough took the sprint decisively, with Bryan Spiegel (Silent Sports) and Doug Corner (Bike Race Ottawa) finishing second and third in a photo-finish. The women’s race was won by Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta), current National Criterium Champion, with a battle-scarred Heather Logan (Coach Chris.ca/Ted Velikonja) taking second after a scary crash in corner two. Christianne Knobbe (Midweek Cycling Club), who rode strongly throughout the hour-long race, took third. Kevin Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham) was the winner in the Junior race with Christopher Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) in second and Jordan Kremblewski (Gears Bike Shop Club) in third.

The marquee events of the evening saw 200 riders hit the start line. Action in the Pro/Elite race hit a frenzied high right from the gun with Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) making an assertive solo attack on lap one. The attack was reeled in without delay by a ravenous pack, and a decisive counter attack was launched by Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team) and Dustin MacBurnie (Team RACE Pro). This move proved to be the winning move of the day, as they lapped the field after only 35 minutes of the 90-minute race.

While MacBurnie and Pinfold safely reintegrated into the pack where they were protected at the front by their respective teams, a number of riders from Jet Fuel Coffee, Team RACE Pro and Symmetrics took turns attacking the group to form chase groups, keeping the peloton on their toes and the crowd excited. The final group to form included Mark Walters (Team RACE Pro), Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics) and Derrick St. John (Jet Fuel), joined later by Kevin “Buck” Miller (Team RACE Pro), who bridged from the peloton.

This group made time on the pack, which had eased slightly with a short rain shower and a crash in corner two that took down a number of riders sitting in the rear of the peloton. But when the rain eased and eventually stopped as the peloton got recharged, and riders were back on the rivet, and strung out along the course.

Wohlberg managed to ride away from the breakaway, which was then caught by the group, and he was off on his own. With the skies darkening into evening and the 90-minute mark approaching, a surprise loose-change prime was announced with two laps to go, and the race leaders faced two consecutive sprints. Pinfold, known for his sprinting prowess, took both claiming the big prize of the evening, as he won the 2008 Toronto Criterium. Wohlberg, his team mate, took third and it was a Symmetrics’ yellow sweep as Zach Bell was 4th and Ontario road champ, Andrew Randell, also with Symmetrics was 5th.


Elite 3 / 4 Men – 48 km – Average Speed 43.2 km/h
1. Chad Mussen (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3) 1:06:41
2. Nathan Patry (Independent, RME.4)
3. John Mcinulty (Midweek Cycling Club, RME.3)
4. Matthew Jeffries (Project Freeride, RME.3)
5. Charles Dumas (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org, RME.3)
6. Mark Cascella (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
7. Philip Cates (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3) 00:05
8. Mark Palma (Sweet Pete’S, RME.4) 00:05
9. Ray Lee (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RME.4) 00:05
10. Simon Szymczak (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMU23.3) 00:05
11. Thomas Lees (Speedriver.Com, RME.3) 00:05
12. David Grose (Bikesports Racing Team, RMU23.3) 00:05
13. Chat Ortved (Independent, RME.4) 00:05
PUL Timothy Salkauskis (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RME.4)
PUL Remus Leung (Independent, RME.4)
PUL Michael Sutherland (Independent, RME.4)
PUL Daniel Yang (Independent, RME.4)
PUL Steve Barnes (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
PUL Graham Mills (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.4)
PUL Adam Rothschild (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
DNS Denis Thang (Independent, RME.4)
DNS Adam Pells (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
NP Gary Hudson (Champion, RME.4)
NP Paul Parker (Darkhorse Flyers, RME.4)
NP David Delgado (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMU23.3)
NP Chadwick Ruby (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RMU23.3)
NP William Kowalczyk (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
NP Liam Philley (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RME.3)
NP Peter Mcilquham (Sepp’S Cycling Team, RME.3)

Junior Men – 48 km – Average Speed 43.2 km/h
1. Kevin Massicotte (Cyclepat:Markham, RMJ) 1:06:41
2. Christopher Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMJ) 00:05
3. Jordan Kremblewski (Gears Bike Shop Club, RMU17) 00:05
PUL Tobias Farrell (Beaches Cycling Club, RMJ)
PUL Brendan Ramrattan (Midweek Cycling Club, RMJ)
PUL Ian Campbell (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif, RMU17)

Women – 48 km – Average Speed 43.2 km/h
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RWE.1) 1:06:43
2. Heather Logan (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RWE.2)
3. Christiane Knobbe (Midweek Cycling Club, RWE.3) 00:07
4. Jill Vale (Team Polar Canada, RWE.1) 00:07
PUL Carrie Cartmill (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’S, RWE.1)
PUL Hetti Ho-mun Cheung (Independent, RWE.3)
PUL Terri Gregotski (Remax-Cycling.Ca, RWE.1)
PUL Briana Illingworth (Sweet Pete’S, RWE.3)
PUL Rachael Mirvish (Sweet Pete’S, RWE.3)
NP Sigrid Ziegler (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RWE.2)

Master 2 / 3 Men – 48 km – Average Speed 43.2 km/h
1. David Fry (Independent, RMM.3) 1:06:40
2. Bryan Spiegel (Silent Sports, RMMB.3)
3. Doug Corner (Bike Race Ottawa, RMMC.2)
4. Julian Howitt (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.2)
5. EON Dornellas (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMM.3)
6. Bruce Camacho (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMD.2)
7. Jason May (Speedriver.Com, RMMA.2)
8. Greg Palmer (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMMA.2)
9. Mirko Gojic (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3)
10. Edgars Apse (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMA.2)
11. Scott Bentley (Sound Solutions, RMMA.2)
12. Chris Chambers (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.2)
13. Gord Lemon (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMA.3)
14. Mike Peshko (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
15. STANISLAW Bielak (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMM.3)
16. Ian J. Scott (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
17. Mark Carli (Project Freeride, RMMA.2)
18. Marc Booth (Independent, RMMB.2)
19. Quentin Broad (Darkhorse Flyers, RMMB.3)
20. Leo St. Germain (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMMC.2)
21. Eric Sanders (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.2)
22. Rodney Godard (Ciclo Sport Racing, RMMC.2)
23. Scott Dorfman (Frenc:Meadow Bakery / Fortist, RMMB.2)
24. Rick Froner (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RMMB.2)
25. Darko Antic (Cyclocrossontario.Com, RMMB.2)
26. Frank Mesi (French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar, RMMC.2) 00:14
27. James Bongard (Sound Solutions, RMMA.2) 00:14
28. Jeremy Mclennan (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RMMA.2) 00:14
29. Gary Cluett (Zm Cycling Club, RMMC.3) 00:14
30. Matt Parnell (Peterboroug:Cycling Club, RMMA.3) 00:21
31. Andrew Hannaford (Project Freeride, RMMA.2) 00:21
32. Rino Lapiccirella (Invita Racing, RMMB.2) 00:21
33. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.2) 01:00
PUL Paul Choquette (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMMB.2)
PUL Andy D`Angelo (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
PUL Gordon Bogden (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMC.3)
PUL Jeff Norman (Dark Horse Flyers, RMMB.3)
PUL Mark Kremblewski (Darkhorse Flyers, RMMC.3)
PUL Andrew Wanie (Darkhorse Flyers, RMMA.2)
PUL Phill Vermette (G. Caboto Velo Club, RMMB.2)
PUL Lawrence Akot (Independent, RMMB.3)
PUL Bruce Bird (Independent, RMMB.2)
PUL John Elias (Independent, RMMC.3)
PUL Austin Elias (Independent, RMMC.3)
PUL Chris Kirk (Independent, RMMB.3)
PUL Lawrence Lim (Independent, RMMA.3)
PUL Rob West (Independent, RMMA.3)
PUL Mauro Rizzardo (Invita Racing, RMMA.2)
PUL David Chong (Lapdogs Cycling Club, RMMC.3)
PUL Duncan Jackson (Mazurcoaching.Com, RMMB.2)
PUL Joe Accardi (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
PUL Gracey Jaret (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3)
PUL Chester Kasprzak (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMC.3)
PUL Don Mcculloch (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.2)
PUL Derek Koops (Zm Cycling Club, RMMA.2)
DNS Vito Barbera (Bikesports Racing Team, RMMB.2)
DNS Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction, RMMC.2)
DNS Kevin Mclean (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMB.2)
DNS Ernesto Alvarez (Mazurcoaching.Com, RMMA.2)
DNS Bob Haufler (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
DNS Franz Wichmann (Team R.A.C.E, RMMA.2)
NP Christopher Brook (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMC.3)
NP Aubrey Bryce (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMD.2)
NP Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RMMB.2)
NP Marc Mazer (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMB.3)
NP Dan Robertson (Midweek Cycling Club, RMMA.3)
NP Graham Jones (Sweet Pete’S, RMMB.3)
NP Craig Burge (The Cyclery, RMMB.2)

PRO 1 / 2 & Master 1 Men – 64 km – Average Speed 45.2 km/h
1. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1) 1:24:54
2. Dustin Macburnie (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1)
3. Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1) 00:18
4. Zach Bell (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1) 02:01
5. Andrew Randell (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1) 02:01
6. Kevin Davis (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1) 02:01
7. Ryan Roth (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) 02:01
8. Mark Pozniak (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) 02:01
9. Matthew Guse (Calyon Pro Cycling Team, RME.1) 02:01
10. Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1) 02:01
11. Adam Thuss (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1) 02:01
12. Tim Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1) 02:01
13. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 02:01
14. Daniele Defranceschi (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 02:01
15. Derrick St. John (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 02:01
16. Nathan Chown (Handlebars Cc, RME.1) 02:01
17. Buck Miller (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) 02:01
18. Thorben Wieditz (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1) 02:01
19. Ryan Nye (Preferred Care Cycling, RMU23.2) 02:01
20. Greg Cavanagh (Cyclepat:Oakville Race Team, RMMB.1) 02:01
21. Brett Boniface (Campione-Ratcliff, RME.1) 02:01
22. Jos:Hall (Khs Canada, RME.1) 02:01
23. Ed Veal (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RME.1) 02:01
24. Evan Mundy (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’S, RMU23.2) 02:01
25. Mark Walters (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1) 02:12
26. Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee, RMU23.2) 02:12
27. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RMMA.1) 02:18
28. Enrico Traini (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.2) 02:18
29. Wentwort:Knipe (Coachchris.Ca/Ted Velikonja, RME.2) 02:18
30. Bryson Bowers (Jet Fuel Coffee, RMU23.1) 02:18
31. Chris Saunders (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RME.2) 02:18
32. Andrew Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RMU23.2) 02:18
33. Don Zuck (Invita Racing, RMMC.1) 02:18
34. David Cramer (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.2) 02:18
35. Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RME.2) 02:23
36. Blair Purvis (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RME.2) 02:23
37. Michael Ybanez (Independent, RMMA.1) 02:50
38. Brent Aquino (Invita Racing, RMMB.1) 02:50
39. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction, RMMB.1) 02:50
PUL Eric Robertson (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RMU23.1)
PUL Paul Devries (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1)
PUL Hamis:Gordon (Team R.A.C.E, RMMC.1)
PUL Ryan Crawford (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif, RMU23.2)
PUL Isaac Smith (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif, RME.1)
PUL Jason Valenti (Brampton Cycling Club, RME.1)
PUL Mathew Bell (Calyon Pro Cycling Team, RMU23.1)
PUL Vince De Jong (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMU23.2)
PUL Peter Kofman (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMMC.1)
PUL Stephen Meyer (CoachChris.Ca / Ted Velikonja, RMU23.2)
PUL Piers Davidge (Cycle 4 Ms, RMMA.1)
PUL Kyle Fry (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’S, RMU23.2)
PUL Marco Li (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’S, RME.2)
PUL Bryan Rusche (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RME.1)
PUL Mike Mckee (Dead Goat Racing, RMMA.1)
PUL Malcolm Eade (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
PUL Michael Renneboog (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMC.1)
PUL Jason Skalski (Handlebarscc.Com, RME.2)
PUL Jean-paul Tesolin (Healing Cycle Bike Club, RMMA.1)
PUL Keit:Gauld (Independent, RMU23.2)
PUL Stacy Wall (Independent, RMMA.1)
PUL Andrew Macdonald (Invita Racing, RMMA.1)
PUL Eduardo Maset (Invita Racing, RMMB.1)
PUL Mark Polsinelli (Invita Racing, RMMB.1)
PUL Mike Viel (Invita Racing, RMMC.1)
PUL Steven Alexander (J & J Cycle, RMMA.1)
PUL Robert Chiocca (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RMMA.1)
PUL Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1)
PUL Rodney Mcewan (Jet Fuel Coffee, RME.1)
PUL Adam Fitzsimmons (Jordan Engineering, RMMA.1)
PUL Justin Rogers (Jordan Engineering, RMMA.1)
PUL Mike Steed (Jordan Engineering, RMMA.1)
PUL James Layfield (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RMMB.1)
PUL Paul Telisman (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RME.2)
PUL Daniel Maggiacomo (Paris 1880, RME.1)
PUL Todd Scheske (Preferred Care Elite Cycling, RME.1)
PUL Cary Moretti (Project Freeride, RMMB.1)
PUL Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride, RMMB.1)
PUL John Wiman (Project Freeride, RMMB.1)
PUL Scott Gilligan (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1)
PUL Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions, RMMA.1)
PUL Timothy Carleton (Trek Bicycle Store Team, RME.2)
PUL Jason Fitzsimmons (Trek Store/Ride For Karen, RMMA.1)
PUL Steve Heck (Trek Store/Ride For Karen, RMMA.1)
PUL Tom Villano (Trek Store/Ride For Karen, RMMA.1)
PUL Tony Abramavicius (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMC.1)
PUL Paolo Dilecce (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
PUL Adrian Jackson (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
PUL Bobby Mrvelj (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
PUL John Pucic (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
DNS Cameron Evans (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1)
DNS Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling Team, RME.1)
DNS Dan Timmerman (Team R.A.C.E. Pro, RME.1)
DNS David Bergeron (Calyon Pro Cycling Team, RMU23.1)
DNS John Mccormick (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)
DNS Fred Perez (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)
DNS Oscar Retamal (Cycle Cambridge-Grg Racing, RMMA.1)
DNS James Macdonald (Cyclissimo Cycling Club, RME.1)
DNS Bruno Grossi (Invita Racing, RMMB.1)
DNS Chris Atkins (Mazurcoaching.Com, RME.1)
DNS Keit:Moore (Sporting Life, RME.1)
DNS Ilija Petrovski (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)
NP Dan Lefebvre (Team R.A.C.E, RMMB.1)
NP Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas Racing Team, RMMB.1)
NP Domenic Valela (Independent, RME.2)
NP Roy Zucchetto (Invita Racing, RMMB.1)
NP Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis/Bikezone Racing, RMMA.1)
NP Bob Tomsic (Jordan Engineering, RMMA.1)
NP Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg, RME.1)
NP Giusseppe Giuliano (Trek Store/Ride For Karen, RMMA.1)
NP W. Drew Robertson (Trek Store/Ride For Karen, RMMA.1)
NP Bruce Krip (Wheels Of Bloor Ct, RMMB.1)

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