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Top 25 Influencers In American Cycling History

September 24, 2005 – The League of American Bicyclists is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2005, and as part of the celebration the group enlisted a panel of celebrity judges to select the top 25 change agents in American cycling history. Unveiled at Interbike, and featured in the fall issue of American Bicyclist, this is a comprehensive list of people who made cycling in America what it is today.

After gathering more than 300 nominees from members and cyclists across the country, the League narrowed the list down to the 30 mentioned most often. We then enlisted the help of current industry leaders, advocates and pioneers to put the list in order. After careful consideration, here are the results: The League’s list of 25 people who indelibly changed the face of cycling in America.

1. Lance Armstrong (born 1971)
2. The Schwinn Family (company founded 1895)
3. Colonel Albert A. Pope (1843-1909)
4. Charles Pratt (1845-1898)
5. Greg LeMond (born 1961)
6. Tullio Campagnolo (1901-1983)
7. Shimano Family (company founded 1921)
8. Major Taylor (1878-1932)
9. Pierre Lallement (1843-1891)
10. Jim Oberstar (born 1934)
11. Gary Fisher (born 1950)
12. Phyllis Harmon (born 1917)
13. Mike Sinyard (born 1950)
14. Joe Breeze (born 1953)
15. Dan Burden (born 1943)
16. Paul Dudley White (1886-1973)
17. Burke Family (company founded in 1976)
18. Keith Kingbay (1918-1995)
19. Georgena Terry (born 1950)
20. John Forester (born 1929)
21. Gary Klein (company founded 1975)
22. Earl Blumenauer (born 1948)
23. Juli Furtado (born 1967)
24. Horace Huffman (1885-1945)
25. Robert Rodale (1930-1990)

The judges were: Joe Breeze, president, Breezer Bicycles; Dan Burden, Senior Urban Planner, Glatting Jackson; Alison Dunlap, 2001 World Mountain Bike Champion; Phyllis Harmon, board member emeritus, League of American Bicyclists; David Herlihy, author, Bicycle: A History; Chris Kegel, owner, Wheel and Sprocket Bikes; Steve Madden, editor-in-chief, Bicycling Magazine; Georgena Terry, owner, Terry Precision Bicycles; and Megan Tompkins, editor, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

The League of American Bicyclists promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation, and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. The League represents the interests of America’s 57 million bicyclists, including its 300,000 members and affiliates. For more information or to support the League, visit www.bikeleague.org and www.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org.

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