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Tobago International Classic Stage 2 – Canada\’s Connor Wins

September 26, 2008 – Just a quick update, Mazurcoaching.com had a great showing today at the Stage 2 time trial. I was driving the team car behind Trevor Connor, our GC hope, who was aiming to come back from a tumble in yesterday’s stage which took him out of a top finishing spot. I was laying on the horn for anything that moved…dogs…chickens…goats…dump trucks.

Trevor had it pegged and claimed the top spot only seconds ahead of Heath Blackgrove riding for Gremli in Tobago (rides for Toyota United in the US). It was amazing to witness. Jonathon Gormick also had a strong ride, placing in the top 10 today.

The heat is building up right now. Stage 3 (circuit race) starts later this afternoon. The stage is taking the riders through a steep climb that, from what I hear, goes 15-20% for 2km. It’s going to blow apart today, and the GC is really going to shake up.

I’ll try to get updates when I can – the internet is pretty sketchy here.

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