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Tobago International Classic Preview – Canadians on Board

September 22, 2008 – A composite team of riders from Ontario, BC, and Quebec are heading to the 5-stage, 600km Tobago International Cycling Classic from September 25-28th. The team is generously sponsored for a second year by Mazurcoaching.com.

This year, teams from Germany, USA, Greece, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Trinidad will be battling for top honours riding under severely hot and humid temperatures over challenging terrain.

Team Mazurcoaching.com.
– Trevor Connor
– Jonathon Gormick
– Matthew O’Hagan
– Hugh Trenchard
– Vincent Veilleux-Lessard
– Chris Atkins (support / island guide / medic)

In the results you will notice other Canadian riders including Alex Bhogal, Chris Reid, and Jean-Michel Lachance riding for local favorite Emile Abraham who races with Team Type 1 in the US.

The stages start out relatively ‘tame’ until the final epic Stage 5 mountain route, which includes category 1/2/3 climbs at Castara, Bloody Bay, L’anse Fourmi, Charlotteville, and the showcase climb at Speyside.

– Stage 1 – Circuit Race 110km (10 laps – minor rolling inclines)
– Stage 2 – 11km Time Trial
– Stage 3 – Circuit Race 120km (6 laps – one 3km category 3 climb per lap)
– Stage 4 – Circuit Race 110km (12 laps – minor rolling inclines)
– Stage 5 – Tour of Tobago 120km (mountainous terrain – category 1/2/3 climbs – Palatuvier 10km ascent & notorious Speyside)

We’ll be providing daily updates each day from my perspective inside the team car, slaloming the descents on the left side of Tobago’s roads.

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