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TNTT Results May 21st – Veal Wins

release by Midweek and LaBiciSquadra

May 22, 2009 (Stouffville, Ontario) – Thursday’s TNTT was a huge success! We had 30 riders out tonight to battle it out in amazing conditions on this beautiful spring night. With the temperature a warm 28 degrees and a nice 33km SW wind it seemed like a great combo for someone to set the fastest time of the year. With last week’s champ (Ilya Petrovski), Wheels of Bloor) absent, it left the door wide open for some else to better the mark.

And that someone sure stepped up! Making sure Wheels of Bloor didn’t take home the win for the second straight night,  Ed Veal from LaBicicletta/JLindberg smoked off the fastest time of the year at 19:42 (46.29 km avg) to take home the win.

The question now is……….is there anyone out there who can top this new time?

Please be sure to check out next weeks TNTT! We will be holding a 15km two-up time trial. Bring a partner or just show up and we will match you up with one. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and thank you to our timers and holder, you did a great job! Full results with split times, average speeds, Eddy Merckx Cat will be posted shortly on our websites www.midweekclub.ca and www.labicisquadra.com, and TNTT Blog.

TNTT – May 21st Results

1. Ed Veal (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 19:42.8
2. Paolo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 20:22.6
3. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) 20:30.6
4. Sam Bail (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 20:48.3
5. Evan Mundy (MCOR) 21:09.8
6. Philip Cates (Lapdogs) 21:37.2
7. James Macdonald (Dark Horse Flyers) 21:40.6
8. Rob Nishman (Newmarket Eagles) 21:45.0
9. Marco Li (MCOR) 21:49.9
10. Bob Tomsic (Norco Evolution) 21:52.6
11. Peter Kofman (Coach Chris/Ted Velikonja) 22:02.0
12. Chris Chambers (Team RACE) 22:50.2
13. Mike Madeiros (Independent) 22:53.3
14. Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 22:57.4
15. Chris Stevenson (Lapdogs) 23:23.2
16. Leigh Bianco (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 23:24.1
17. Brian Kelly (Bikesports) 23:28.8
18. Greg Wellman (Project Freeride) 23:33.2
19. Dave Prake (Midweek) 23:37.7
20. Aiden Moore) Lapdogs) 24:42.7
21. Ayesha Rollinson (Trek) 24:57.8
22. Bob Haufler (Midweek) 25:10.0
23. Don Blue (Independent) 25:14.8
24. Marco Salvati (Midweek) 25:52.1
25. Paul Rea (Pedal Performance) 26:20.8
26. Charles Gordon (Independent) 26:36.3
27. Amanda Mayo (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 27:57.6
28. Cliff Changoor (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 29:50.3
29. Merv Veal (Team SpokeOmotion) 31:23.7
30. Johnathan Lewis (La Bicicletta/J. Lindberg) 32:11.0

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