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TNTT Results June 4th – Petrovski Sets Bar Higher

release by Midweek and LaBiciSquadra

June 5, 2009 (Stouffville, Ontario) – After having his fastest time of the year beaten only a few weeks ago, Ilya Petrovski decided he wanted to be back on top! The conditions were perfect and he took advantage rippin off a smokin fast 19:39 !!! – clocking an average speed of 45.82km an hour on the 14.8km course. His Wheels of Bloor team mates didn’t disappoint either taking 3rd and 5th spots respectively. Peter Morse is in fine form too with a very solid 20:26. Petrovski now has the fastest time on this course over the last two years!

Our Eddy Merckx Cat winner was Brian Kelly from Bikesports! He shaved off 45 seconds from his previous best to take home the win! Merv Veal had his best night of the year going a full minute faster than his all time best. There were a lot of fast times out there tonight! Great job to all and I really hope to see you out next week to see how long Ilya can hold the fastest time of the year, I predict it falls next week!

Be there live next week to see it all go down!

Results, news, club details can all be found here:
La Bici Squadra


1. Ilya Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) 19:39 (45.82km/hr)
2. Ed Veal (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 20:02 (44.31km/hr)
3. Tony Abramavicius (Wheels of Bloor) 20:21 (43:92km/hr)
4. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) 20:26 (42.79 km/hr)
5. Shawn Staff (Wheels of Bloor) 20:37 (43:53 km/hr)
6. Marco Li (Team MCOR) 21:05 (42:17 km/hr)
7. Dave Frake (Midweek Club) 21:09 (42:05 km/hr)
8. Lorne Anderson (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 21:23 (41:81 km/hr)
9. Derek de Gannet (Above Threshold) 22:15 (40:11 km/hr)
10. Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 22:26 (39:89 km/hr)
11. Brian Kelly (Bikesports) 22:45 (39:57 km/hr)
12. Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 22:47 (39:47 km/hr)
13. Greg Wellman (Project Freeride) 22:53 (39:36 km/hr)
14. Mark Casella (Lapdogs) 23:02 (38:54 km/hr)
15. Vito Barbera (Giro Racing) 23:46 (37:85 km/hr)
16. David Chung (Lapdogs) 24:28 (36:54 km/hr)
17. Marco Salvati (Midweek Club) 24:54 (36:19 km/hr)
18. Paul Rea (Pedal Performance) 25:29 (35:07 km/hr)
19. Cindy Boyd (D’Ornellas) 26:15 (33:94 km/hr)
20. Kimberley Arsenault (Independent) 28:18 (31:49 km/hr)
21. Merv Veal (Independent) 30:14 (29:48 km/hr DQ`d himself but still rode a sick time with or without help!!)
22. Paulo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 20:09 (20:09 km/hr)

Eddy Merckx Category

1. Brian Kelly (Bikesports) 22:45 (39:57 km/hr)
2. Vito Barbera (Giro Racing) 23:46 (37:85 km/hr)
3. Marco Salvati (Midweek Club) 24:54 (36:19 km/hr)
4. Paul Rea (Pedal Performance) 25:29 (35:07 km/hr)
5. Cindy Boyd (D`ornellas) 26:15 (33:94 km/hr)
6. Merv Veal (Independent 30:14 (29:48 km/hr)

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