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Times Colonist Cycling Festival – Hill Climb and Criterium Results

September 20, 2008 – Here are the results from the 3km Bear Mountain Resort Hill Climb (Sept. 18) and the Oak Bay Bikes Criterium (Sept. 20) presented by Cardinal Law at the Times Colonist Cycling Festival which runs from Sept. 18-21.


Bear Mountain Resort Hill Climb


1. Amy Herlinveaux (Dearden Construction) 9:35
2. Megan Rathwell (Ind) 9:44
3. Sheryl Preston (Frontrunners) 10:18
4. Gillian Carleton (OrganicAthlete) 10:33
5. Annie Ewart (Aviawest) 11:00
6. Rhonda Callender (IRC) 11:07
7. Naomi Cooper (Ind) 11:16
8. Eileen Harper (TallSky Consulting Group) 12:52
9. Jackie Hucal (Ind) 16:09
10. Carley Grigg (Aviawest) 19:08


1. Rob Britton (Ind) 7:32
2. Curtis Dearden (Dearden Construction) 7:56
3. Craig Richey (Ind) 7:57
4. Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycle) 7:57
5. Marcel Aarden (Manager) 7:57
6. Nic Hamilton (Team Aviawest) 8:03
7. Daniel Sessford (Ind) 8:05
8. Jasper Blake (Pacific Sport) 8:16
9. Andrew Mccartney (Triathlon) 8:19
10. Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles) 8:34
11. Craig Logan (Aviawest) 8:36
12. Chris Hillier (Objects of Desire) 8:41
13. Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC) 8:42
14. Corey Hess (Team Aviawest) 8:58
15. Mike Laxdal (Campione Ratcliff) 9:01
16. Steve Lund (Aviawest) 9:07
17. Brian Eberdt (Midweek Cycling Club) 9:09
18. Kevin Rutherford (True North Cycling Inc.) 9:09
19. Aaron Quesnel (Quesnel Forest-Tree Goods) 9:13
20. Ron Heal (Island Racing Club) 9:21
21. Zachary Young (Team Aviawest) 9:23
22. Bill Ethier (TripleShotCycling) 9:26
23. Brent Stubbs 9:27
24. Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes) 9:30
25. Doug Doyle (SleepMonsters.ca) 9:38
26. Rui Batista (Rooster) 9:42
27. John Taylor (University of Victoria) 9:50
28. Dylan Cunningham (Independent) 9:54
29. Roland Rabien (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor) 9:54
30. David Mercer (Ind) 9:58
31. Tim Nason (Ind) 10:00
32. Casey Ryder (Team Naked) 10:05
33. Kevin Park (OrganicAthlete) 10:15
34. Jeffrey Wynne (Independent) 10:18
35. Bob Janicki (Independent) 10:18
36. Dave Shishkoff (Ind) 10:29
37. Marcus Durrant (Penplod) 10:42
38. Nels Anvik (Independent) 10:48
39. Michael Marek (Peninsula Plodders) 10:53
40. David Kenny (BC Masters Cycling Association) 11:07
41. Mike Hucal (Ind) 11:11
42. Philippe Janicki (Independent) 11:32
43. Vaughn Marshall 11:53
44. Brent St. John (EnVision Fitness) 12:07
45. Mike Chandler (PRA International) 12:34
46. Gordon Pritchard (Sidney Velo Cycling Club) 14:49
47. William Ryan (Ind) 15:56
DNS Demian Seale (IRC Cameron Law)
DNS William Sharrett (Our Place Society)
DNS Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe Club)
DNS Rob Breathet (Heenan Blaikie)
DNS Jacob Schwingboth (Team B.C)

Oak Bay Bikes Criterium

Group A (60 Laps)

1. Zack Garland (Vancouver, BC) 1:19:05
2. Chris Worsfold (Fraser Health White Rock, BC) 0:18
3. Curtis Dearden (Dearden Construction Sidney, BC)
4. Robert Cameron (IRC Victoria, BC)
5. Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC Victoria, BC)
6. Nic Hamilton (Team Aviawest Victoria, BC)
7. Maurice Worsfold (Fraser Health Surrey, BC) 1 lap down
8. Emile Derosnay (OrganicAthlete Victoria, BC)
9. Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe Club Victoria, BC)
DNF Marcel Aarden (Manager Victoria, BC)
DNF Rob Britton ()
DNF Cody Campbell (Symmetrics Surrey, BC)
DNF Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycle Victoria, BC)
DNF Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles Victoria, BC)
DNF Brian Eberdt (Midweek Cycling Club Victoria, BC)
DNF Chris Hillier (Objects of Desire Victoria, BC)
DNF Andrew Mccartney (Triathlon Victoria, BC)
DNF Jacob Schwingboth (Team B.C Surrey, BC)
DNF Daniel Sessford (Victoria, BC)
DNF Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete Victoria, BC)
DNF Dan Skinner (Victoria, BC)
DNF Nick Smit (Independent Vancouver, BC)
DNF Simon Sterling (Victoria, BC)
DNF Jon Watkin (Aviawest Elite Cycling Team Victoria, BC)

Group B ( 45 min. + 5 laps))

1. Craig Logan (Aviawest North Saanich, BC) 0:53:20
2. Dylan Reeves ()
3. Rob Breathet (Heenan Blaikie Victoria, BC)
4. Anthony Zackery (La Bicicletta Proshop.com Richmond, BC)
5. Mike Laxdal (Campione Ratcliff North Vancouver, BC)
6. Larry Wilson (IRC)
7. Zach Young ()
8. Bill Ethier (TripleShot Cycling Victoria, BC)
9. Lister Farrar ()
10. Barry Beck (Schwalbe)
David Beggs (Moonglow Enterprises Ltd Queen Charlotte, BC)
Gillian Carleton (OrganicAthlete Victoria, BC)
Chris Chatham ()
Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity Cycling Club Port Moody, BC)
Ron Heal (Island Racing Club Brentwood Bay, BC)
Keith Jones (Peninsula Cycles Surrey, BC)
Peter Lawless ()
Steve Lund (Aviawest Victoria, BC)
David Mckinney (Aviawest)
David Mercer (University of Victoria Victoria, BC)
Kevin Park (OrganicAthlete Victoria, BC)
Andy Pitre ()
Aaron Quesnel (Quesnel Forest-Tree Goods Vancouver, BC)
Kevin Rutherford (TRUE North Cycling Inc. Vancouver, BC s.t.)
Casey Ryder (Team Naked Victoria, BC)
Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes Victoria, BC)
James Thompson (CVC Racing New Westminster, BC)
Antony Winter (Oak Bay Cycling club Qualicum Beach, BC)
Roland Rabien (Walker Sports Chiropractor Victoria, BC)
Jeff George ()
Jak New (University)
John Taylor (Penplod of Victoria Victoria, BC)
Marcus Durrant (Comox Sidney, BC) down 1
Jordan Duncan (BC Valley Cycle Club Comox, BC) down 5
David Kenny (Independent Masters Cycling Association Nanaimo, BC) down 6
Jeffrey Wynne (Comox Victoria, BC) down 6
Kent Duncan (SMUS Valley Cycle Club Comox, BC) down 7
Kaylynn Purdy (Sparwood, BC) down 12
DNF Andrew Cuthbert (Vivid Solutions Victoria, BC)
DNF Steven Grandy (Victoria, BC)
DNF Justin Lee (Victoria, BC)
DNF Lisa Rogers (Victoria, BC)
DNF William Sharrett (Our Place Society Victoria, BC)

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