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Tim Hortons MTB Nationals 2005 – XC Elite/Espoir Men

June 12, 2005 (Mont Ste-Anne, QC) – Geoff Kabush (BC, Maxxis) of Courtenay, B.C. snatched back the National Champion’s jersey today after a two-year hiatus. Kabush and Roland Green (BC, Kona-Les Gets) took over the race early on. The two rode together until Kabush finally launched an attack that stuck. In the end, Kabush charged to the finish with a minute over Green. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing), last year’s National Champ, rode most of the race alone, chasing the Green-Kabush duo.

Max Plaxton (BC, Maxxis-MSC) led the entire seven laps of the Espoir Men’s race, finishing nearly 30 seconds ahead of second place, Andrew Watson (ON, Gears Racing). Matthew Hadley (NB, Radical Edge) placed third.

Elite Men – 7 laps, 30.1 km
1. Geoff Kabush (BC, Maxxis) 1:55:54.99
2. Roland Green (BC, Kona-Les Gets) at 0:59.95
3. Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) 2:54.96
4. Mathieu Toulouse (QC, Maxxis) 6:06.65
5. Kris Snedoon (BC, Kona Les Gets) 7:29.42
6. Max Plaxton* (BC, Maxxis-MSC) 8:05.12
7. Andrew Watson* (ON, Gears Racing) 8:33.95
8. Matthew Hadley* (NB, Radical Edge) 9:37.76
9. Roddi Lega (AB, Team Alberta-Norco) 10:03.63
10. Bruno Lafontaine (QC, Perigny-Specialized) 10:19.03
11. Martin Lazarski* (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 10:36.11
12. Frederic Bussieres* (QC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 10:43.75
13. Benoit Simard (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 11:02.82
14. Mike Garrigan (ON, Hardwood Hills-Kona) 11:48.06
15. Peter Wedge (NB, Kona-Les Gets) 14:01.53

* denotes Espoir

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