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Tim Hortons 2006 MTB XC Championships — Elite/U23 Men’s Report

July 16, 2006 (Sun Peaks Resort, B.C.) — Defending Elite Men’s National Champion, Geoff Kabush (BC, Maxxis) made an exciting comeback after a crash early in the race required him to fight his way through the field to take the win on Saturday at the 2006 National Cross Country Mountain Bike Championships at Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, B.C.

Last year’s Espoir Men’s Champion, Max Plaxton (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) established an early lead, when he took a flyer off the front and led for the first two laps. Ricky Federau (ON, Team R.A.C.E.com), who eventually finished second in the Elite Category, took over the lead from a fading Plaxton during the third lap. He then led until the final lap, when a determined and powerful Kabush finally caught and passed him.

Plaxton’s attack proved too ambitious and he lost his lead in the Espoir Men’s Category to Neal Kindree (BC, Kona-Les Gets) in the final lap. Marty Lazarski (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) took the bronze medal in the Espoir Men’s race. Kindree finished third out of the entire Elite and Espoir Men’s field and Seamus McGrath (BC, Felt) was third elite male and fourth overall.

With a maximum altitude of over 1,400 metres the riders were challenged on the tough course that included a several grueling climbs and rough, dusty technical descents.

Elite & Espoir Men (6 laps, 38 km)

1. Geoff Kabush (BC, Maxxis) 2:00:42
2. Ricky Federau (ON, Team R.A.C.E.com) 2:01:30
3. Neal Kindree* (BC, Kona-Les Gets) 2:04:40
4. Seamus McGrath (BC, Felt) 2:05:36
5. Mathieu Toulouse (QC, Maxxis) 2:06:58
6. Kris Sneddon (BC, Kona-Les Gets) 2:08:25
7. Max Plaxton* (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 2:08:44
8. Andreas Hestler (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 2:08:47
9. Michael Garrigan (ON, HBCC) 2:09:07
10. Andrew Watson (ON, Team R.A.C.E.com) 2:09:08
11. Martin Lazarski* (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 2:10:05
12. Eric Batty (ON, 3 Rox Racing) 2:10:44
13. Derek Zandstra* (ON, Team Ontario) 2:11:23
14. Raphael Gagne* (QC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 2:12:34
15. Cory Wallace* (AB, Bicisport) 2:12:48
16. Stefan Widmer* (BC, Team Sugoi/Giant) 12:53
17. Matt Hadley (NB, Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) 13:21
18. Craig Richey* (BC, Sugoi/Giant Bicycles) 15:02
19. Adam Morka* (ON, Team Ontario) 15:45
20. Roddi Lega (AB, Team Alberta) 16:10
21. Troy Misseghers (AB, Mountain Bike City) 16:13
22. Benoit Simard (QC, Specialized) 18:31
23. Andrew Kyle (BC, Sugoi/Giant) 18:48
24. Peter Classford* (ON, Team Ontario) 18:56
25. Jonathan Boulanger* (QC, Specialized) 19:51
26. Evan Sherman (AB, Team Alberta) 20:44
27. Edouard Duquette* (QC, Equipe du Quebec) 20:47
28. Matthew Green* (BC) 21:03
29. Daniel Sessford* (YT) 21:51
30. Shawn Bunnin (SK, Team Saskatchewan) 22:15
31. Frederic Bussieres* (QC, Equipe Quebec / Rocky Mountain Business Objects) 22:55
32. Ian Carbonneau (QC, Equipe du Québec + Vélo Chambly) 23:46
33. Jeff Ferguson (BC) 24:03
34. Léni Gélinas Trudel* (QC, Équipe du Québec + Le Yéti) 24:44
35. Ryan Ingham (BC, VC Riomois) 25:31
36. Andre Sutton (AB, Hadcore Cycling Club) 25:40
37. Manuel Fehlmann (BC) 27:06
38. Benjamin Schmidt (BC, Natural Earth Racing) 29:01
39. Mark Batty* (ON, Team R.A.C.E.) 30:31
40. Jonathan Gormick (BC, Steed Cycles/SRAM/Rockshox) 31:21
41. Carsten Ivany (BC, Natural Earth Racing) 32:49
42. Ian Mcavity* (NB, Bikes and Beans) 33:30
43. Taylor Ryan* (BC, Surly/Riding Fool/Hostel/Dodge City) 33:31
44. Dion Clark (AB, Bow Cycle/CMC) 34:56
45. Steve Martins (AB, Hardcore) 36:23
DNF Dustin Gordon (BC, Team Whistler/Natures Path)
DNF Earl Nolan (AB, Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF Drew Mackenzie (BC, Sugoi/Giant
DNF Jonathan Burgess* (NS, Cyclesmith.ca/Kona)
DNF Tristan Galbraith (ON, Dropmachine/Commencal)
DNF Thomas Skinner (BC, Sugoi Factory Team/Giant Bicycles)
DNF Galen Kehler (BC, Wentings Cycle)
DNF Brendan MacIntosh (BC, Trek/Riders Cycles/Kenda/LX)
DNF Matthew Martindill (BC, Cove Factory Racing)
DNF Scott McGregor (BC, Steed Cycles)
DNF Sebastien Tremblay* (QC, Specialized)
DNF Daniel Nemetchek* (MB, Manitoba)
DNF Christian Ravlic* (BC)
DNF Cameron Jette* (ON, HBCC)
DNF Jon Nutbrown (AB, Team Alberta)
DNF Robert Leeds (AB, Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle)
DNF Dallas Morris (AB, Team Alberta)
DNS Kyle Douglas* (ON, 3Rox Racing)


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