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Tim Hortons 2006 MTB XC Championships — Elite/U23 Men Flash

July 15, 2006 (Sun Peaks Resort, B.C.) — The elite men’s race is underway and the field will complete six rounds of the 5.5 km tough and dusty course. Here’s an update.

Lap 1

Off the start U23 rider Max Plaxton (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) jumped into the lead and established a 50-second gap over Ricky Federau (ON, Team R.A.C.E.) in second with Matt Martindill (Cove) 10 seconds back in third.

Seamus McGrath (Felt), Geoff Kabush (Maxxis) and Raphael Gagne (QC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) are close behind.

Lap 2

Plaxton’s lead is down to 9 seconds over Federau in second with McGrath 10 seconds behind in third. Martindill is another 17 seconds further back with U23 rider Neal Kindree (Kona/Les Gets) in 5th followed by chasers Mathieu Toulouse (Maxxis) in 6th, Kabush, Eric Batty, Kris Sneddon (Kona), Gagne, Andreas Hestler (Rocky) and Mike Carrigan (ON).

Lap 3

Halfway thru Lap 3 Federau overtook Plaxton and McGrath moved up as well. As the riders finished Lap 3 Federau has a 7-second lead over McGrath who is 10 seconds ahead of Plaxton. Kabush has now moved up into 4th 1:06 back followed by Kindree, Martindill, Toulouse, Sneddon, Batty and Hestler. The race is now 1/2 over.

Lap 4

At the end of Lap 4 Federau is still in the lead with 16 seconds over McGarth. Kabush has moved up into 3rd and is 1:18 behind McGrath with U23 rider Plaxton in 4th followed by another U23 rider Kindree in 5th. Toulouse follows in 6th with Martindill in 7th, Batty in 8th, Sneddon in 9th, Hestler in 10th with Marty Lazarski (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) in 11th and third in the U23 race.

Lap 5

Federau has a 35-second lead over Kabush who has taken over second place as McGrath has dropped to third 1:45 behind Kabush. Kindree is now in 4th at 30 seconds back and is now leading the U23 category over Plaxton who is trialin 30 sec. behind in 5th.

Toulouse is 1:10 further back in 6th followed by Sneddon, Hestler, Lazarski and Batty who is sitting in 10th. The riders are on their last lap.

Uofficial Results

1. Geoff Kabush (BC, Maxxis)
2. Ricky Federau (ON, Team R.A.C.E.) .36
3. Neal Kindree (BC, Kona/Les Gets) 3:10 *U23
4. Seamus McGrath (Felt)
5. Mathieu Toulouse (QC, Maxxis)
6. Kris Sneddon (Kona)
7. Max Plaxton (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) *U23
8. Andreas Hestler (BC, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects)
9. Marty Lazarski (ON, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) *U23
10. Eric Batty (ON)

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