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The Toronto Sportlands Project

December 17, 2002 – (Toronto, ON) – There is a plan circulating in the Toronto sports community for a multi-sport recreation zone and park will bring Torontonians back to their waterfront. The area in question is the Eastern Portlands in downtown Toronto. A Condo development is proposed for the area that would see 40,000 condos on 200 acres of land in the Eastern Portlands.

Toronto City Council will vote on this proposal in February 2003. Another vision for the area is being put forth by MP Dennis Mills, and community volunteers. This vision includes facilities for arts, culture, entertainment and sports and recreation, including a cycling velodrome and a BMX track in addition to over 30 other sports facilities. How soon can it be done? Organizers feel most of this could be a reality by autumn 2003.They believe that Torontonians will choose community, culture, recreation and sport over a wall of condos.

If you believe in a People's Plan for the Eastern Portlands, show your support. Let your Councillor, your MPP and your MP know exactly how you feel.

Visit www.sportlandsforkids.com and www.ingenuitytoronto.com for details and maps of the possibilities of this project.

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