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The Steve Bauer Classic Partners with St. Davids Hydroponics as New Presenting Sponsor

release by the Steve Bauer Classic

April 26, 2016 (St. Catharines, ON) – The St. Catharines Cycling Club and Cycle Sport Management are pleased to announce  St. Davids Hydroponics as the presenting sponsor of the Steve Bauer Classic scheduled for Saturday May 21st. The Classic will now become the Steve Bauer Classic presented by St. Davids Hydroponics.

St. Davids Hydroponics, the largest producer of greenhouse grown bell peppers and eggplant locally with 75 acres of high tech glass greenhouses at two locations in Niagara, is honored to be a part of the Steve Bauer Classic Team!  General Manager Toine van der Knaap’s excitement for the success of the Classic stem from his Dutch heritage where he raced at a young age and still today as an avid cyclist.  “The team at St. Davids is practicing stringent food safety and producing healthy foods every day, it goes hand in hand with the spirit of the Classic as a healthy way to have fun,” stated Mr. Van der Knaap.

Steve Bauer Classic.2

”It is fantastic to have a local business with an international market for its quality products willing to support road racing and the St. Catharines Cycling Clubs initiatives.  Mr. Van der Knaap mentioned to me on a recent tour of the impressive greenhouse facility that he eats one bell pepper a day.  The best source of vitamin C!”   added Bauer.

The Classic is offering $,5,000.00 in cash plus prizes and is expecting a top quality field of road racers.

Registration for the Steve Bauer Classic presented by St. Davids Hydroponics in now live here.

All information and registration are available here.


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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

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