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The Day of the Hour at Milton Velodrome on Sept. 23 – Marinoni, Veal Headline 8 Riders

by Ed Veal

September 22, 2017 (Milton, ON) – Hi everyone, I hope you all had an amazing week and are looking forward to a fantastic weekend. Big day tomorrow. When I signed up for another Hour Record attempt it seemed like I had so much time to prepare. It seemed like it was so far off in the distance. Well now it’s here.

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Tomorrow (Sat. Sept. 23) at 6:55pm I get to attack the famed Hour Record for the second time in my career. Not only do I get another crack at it, I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Bryn Currie and coach her leading up to her Hour Record attempt.

This is a big moment for me and my coaching career as I will be sharing in her big day and all her success tomorrow as well. I really hope you can make it out to the velodrome to watch all of this live. You can get free tickets ahead of time at EventBrite HERE but they are also available free at the door. If being there live isn’t possible there will be live streaming on Arrond TV – YouTube Channel HERE.

All the live results also will be posted HERE.

Regardless if you can watch or not I just wanted to thank everyone on this email thread for your continued support. There are many times where I wonder WTF am I doing? and lately I have been very close to calling it a career. This event means a lot to me and has kept me working as hard ever. It has reminded me everyday I still have so much to give to the sport. Even now that I have some new hurdles to face in regards to the National team and the MTE squad, I think I can put that all away until I get through tomorrow night.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m thankful and I feel like we are all attacking this together. It won’t be me alone out there like it looks, this ride is for every old fucker out there who has hasn’t given up and has something to prove. I know, just like you know it takes a real team of people to make stuff like this possible. You might think your contribution isn’t much but I don’t. Everyone of you have helped so much along the way. So regardless if you can be there live or watch along on the phone, I know you are right there with me fighting for this world record, thank you!

Attached is the schedule and the distances to beat. I will be trying to hold 18.7 second laps for about 40 mins and then I will do my best to lift the pace and raise the average past the current record. If you see me a little behind early on please do not be alarmed. That means everything is going to plan.

If you are there in Milton I would really like to celebrate with you all afterwards. Try to come down to the infield and get some pictures together and then It would be amazing to meet at the Kelsey’s just off the 401 in Milton afterwards for a celebratory ice cold beer. Moments like this are way to special not to celebrate with friends and family.  I really hope you can be there!

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