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The Buffalo Pound 60km MTB Race

February 6, 2008 (Moose Jaw, Sask.) – What a better way to end the season than with a super challenging ride. We think this course will challenge the best of riders. The entire course is within the confines of Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, located in the QuAppelle Valley, 16 mi. north of Moose Jaw Sask. Buffalo Pound holds some of the best mountain bike trails in Saskatchewan. Over the past two years, with the Parks permission, work has been done to create about 17k of new single track. We feel that by combining all of these trails into one 60k track will present one of the best courses east of the Rockies!

Much of the single track is new trail and very challenging, not because of roots and rocks, but because of climbing, narrow treads and tight turns, even the pavement portion is up-hill. For the most part, the race starts out easy and fast, but once the undulations start, it gets harder, and harder, if you are from out of the Province you will be mumbling under your breath “this is Saskatchewan?”. Go out too fast early and you will pay dearly as the race progresses. The course does present 2 hike-a-bikes (for mortals), the balance of the course is all rideable, well, its rideable if your fresh.

– 60km cross country mountain bike race (1 loop )
– Saturday, September 27, 2008 — 10:00a.m. start
– Buffalo Pound Provincial Park- 16 miles NE of Moose Jaw, Sask !!!!
– 3k paved, 9k gravel, 8k double track, 40k single track
– Enter as Solo, 2-person team, or 3-person team

$$$$$ PRIZES $$$$$
– Cash prizes for the winners as: Solo male under 40, Solo male 40 and over , Solo female
– A Minimum of $50.00 will be added to each category.
– $50.00 for course record. This is the first year, soooo”¦”¦”¦., solo only.
– $10 dollars from all solo entry fees will go towards their applicable category prize money
– $5 dollars from each team members entry will also go towards solo prize money.
– More cash will be injected into prize money if we have a big turn-out.
– No cash prizes for teams.
– If the number of entrants per category is 20 or less — Winner Take All
– If the number of entrants per category is over 20 — Pay 1st, & 2nd (70% -30%)
– If the number of entrants per category is 50 or more — Pay 1st,2nd,3rd — (60%-30%-10%)

All Solo females will receive a free pair of deer skin gloves
Numbered race plates for all entrants
Other draw Prizes will exceed $1,000 in value.

Staging, Start, Relay Points and, Finish

Staging, start, and finish will be located at the White Track camping area. During the race, you will have three opportunities to refuel at White Track (31k, 35k, & 47k), there will be no other aid stations on course.

– Team relay points will be at White Track, 31k and 47k (3 person team).
– Two person teams will exchange at the 31k point
– 0 thru 31k is the longest but easiest leg, however, it does contain the hardest climb and a pretty hairy downhill (just be careful), lots of hard grinding on new trails on the north side of the park, very scenic (who cares!).
– 31k thru 47k stays in what most people would call the traditional trails of White Track (but we have added some nontraditional trails that are new to many)
– 47k thru 60k is the shortest leg of the race but contains some of the hardest single track in the race, very, very scenic (you really, really won’t care!). This is new trail, if you are in shape and like climbing, you will have fun here.

Entry and Other Stuff !

– Entry Fees : $40 solo, $30 per team member, add 10 $ day of race.
– Aid station will have water and snacks (bring your own drink mix)
– Camping sites available and free.
– Roast Beef (cooked on site) available to racers and volunteers — free
– Awards around 3:00 (plenty of time for you Ab. and Mb. speedsters to make it home)
– Race meeting 9:45a.m. —– 10:00a.m mass start (on gravel for 4k)
– Course closes at 6:00p.m.
– Put put this on your calendar today!

For Entry Form click here.

Inquiries, to Joe – cattletrader50@hotmail.com 306-692-9860 home, or 306-631-6505 cell
Or Brian Fish @ Boh’s cycle 306-692-0477

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