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The B.I.K.E.S. Project – Bicycle-Inspired Kinetics in Elementary Schools

by Ben Chaddock
December 03, 2013 – In the ten years since I graduated from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and left the valley in pursuit of my ambitions, I’ve successfully raced at the NorAm level, completed a university degree in Environmental Economics, turned professional as a road cyclist and won a Canadian National cycling title in 2012. To share the lessons I learned along the way, I’ve created a successful elementary school program that engages students throughout the winter months both in and out of the classroom.

Now in its third year, BIKES (or Bicycle Inspired Kinetics in Elementary Schools) is a program that has spoken with over 1,500 students across North America about identifying passion interests and pursuing dream goals. Now in 2014, I am focused on creating a high quality product for the students of the Sea-to-Sky corridor by producing a 10-part video series (watch our 30 second bumper) that introduces inspiring individuals who are actively pursuing their passion interests and achieving their dream goals in environmental science, human physiology or the arts.

A successful Creekbread fundraiser will allow us to finance our goal of 10 innovative episodes. The students also participate in a rewards program that encourages the students to pursue their favorite academic topics and incorporate daily recreation into a lifestyle that promotes dream goal achievement.

So come on down and enjoy a pizza on December 10th. Stay tuned to our Cyclinginatoque channel this week for news on our silent auction items.

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