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Test of Metal – Plaxton and Pendrel Take the Test Unofficial

release by the Test of Metal

June 21,2009 (Squamish, BC) – Near perfect conditions lead to a spectacularly fast North Shore Credit Union Test of Metal and new course record. Max Plaxton easily won his second consecutive Test of Metal in a time of 2:30:10 (unofficial), more than one minute better than last year’s time. Plaxton led from tape to tape and took all 10 primes as well as the winner’s prize for a $1500 pay day.

On the women’s side, Catherine Pendrel matched Plaxton’s achievement with lightning fast 2:50:40 (unofficial) taking 30 minutes off her winning time of 2007. Pendrel also took all 10 primes and the first place prize for $1500. In magnanimous fashion, however, she donated $100 of her prime earnings to both the top male and top female Squamish rider.

Duane Kress was the top Squmaish male rider and took 5th place overall. At this time the top Squamish female rider is yet to be determined. Because of a timing difficulty, race results are unofficial at the moment and further results are pending. Full results should be posted on the Test of Metal web page Sunday, June 21.

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