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Temple to Temple 2006 – Day 7 Final

February 5, 2006 (Belize) – Finally we reached the last stage and it was a good one to end this epic tour. We started from Caves Branch and took the Humingbird Highway which started off with rolling hills that were demanding as riders dropped off as each hill approached.

I was dropped as well but after about 10K I had the lead group in my sights, so I decided to catch up and tag along. The lead group must have slowed down because I was cranking away and ended up passing them. I broke away and was on my own for about 45 minutes but knew they would catch me so I relaxed and took my time admiring the scenery.

When the lead group caught me my legs were still feeling great so I was able to hang on with them to end. We finished the final stage of the Temple to Temple in 4 hours putting the total riding time for the seven days at 30 hours. We had covered over 750K of fabulous Belizean terrain.

The group of riders that took part in this race were able to see mind-blowing temples from ancient times, caves and mountains that were carved by the earth, and roads that took us to the most magnificent of settings. Every participant entered this event with different goals but we all leave Belize with great memories and many stories to tell.

Thanks for sharing the ride with me, I hope you enjoyed my reports.

Temple to Temple 2006 – January 29-February 4, 2006

Day 1 – Start at the temples of Lubaantun and finish in Blue Creek – 85K.

Day 2 – Start at Blue Creek and end at Hopkins Village on the
Caribbean Sea – 150K.

Day 3 – Start at the Beach in Hopkins and cycle along the Western
Highway to Jaguar Paw 0 – 110K.

Day 4 – Start at Jaguar Paw and finish at the temples of Caracol in
Pine Ridge – 125 K.

Day 5 – Start at the Mayan ruins of Caracol and finish in San Ignacio – 85K.

Day 6 – Start in San Ignacio and finish at Caves Branch along the
Southern Highway – 75K Followed by an inner tube race through the

Day 7 – Start at Caves Branch and finish at the The Placencia hotel
on the Placencia Peninsula – 120K

Total distance 750K

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