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Team Wheels of Bloor’s Tour of the Battenkill Report and Results

release by Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team

April 21, 2015 (Cambridge, NY) – With warm temps, sunshine, and a moderate breeze, the weather could hardly have been better for the 2015 edition of the Tour of the Battenkill. But even in the absence of adverse weather, this race is no walk in the park, with rough pavement, rough gravel, crosswinds, and of course a healthy dose of nasty steep climbs that come relentlessly right till the finish.

This year’s edition had been moved to start and finish at the Washington County Fairgrounds – a nice, spacious, utilitarian venue for a bike race with 2,000+ participants, but unfortunately lacking the bucolic small town vibe of the Cambridge NY (the previous venue). The course was run largely on the same roads as before, however the pivotal sections now occurred at different points in the race. This led to new fresh race dynamics while still maintaining the same (fast becoming traditional) difficult sections of the course. Course length remained similar to last year, at around 168 km.

Wheels of Bloor Elite Team at the start.  ©  Wheels of Bloor

We lined up 5 WOB teammates at the start line: Bruce, Anthony, Osmond, Andrew and myself. Bruce and Osmond had raced the 40+ category the day before (finishing 1st and 4th respectively), and Anthony had raced the cat2 race on the Saturday as well (finishing 11th).

The first 80 km of the race consisted of 3 circuits of the infamous Meeting House Road, a wide open stretch of gravel rollers known to break what remained of the peloton into pieces leading to the finale of previous editions of Battenkill. This time instead of coming with 25 km to go, it came three times in the early part of the race. Brendan Housler (Nalgene-Mt Borah) was active right off the bat, attacking relentlessly until him and a handful of other riders made an early break. Osmond, Anthony and I covered chase group attempts, with Curtis White (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit) and Tim Mitchell (CCB Racing) being particularly paid attention to. The descent off Meeting House Rd was really white knuckle each lap, with Curtis White putting his considerable cyclocross talent to good use, drilling it on the gravelly switchbacks and causing gaps to form in the already strung out peloton.

On the second circuit this caused a split in the peloton. Andrew flatted just as the split was forming, while Osmond and I found ourselves on the wrong side of the split, with Bruce and Anthony nowhere to be found (turned out they were off the back of the SECOND “peloton”). Up to a 30 second gap formed between the two pelotons – myself and maybe 5-8 other riders including Osmond chased relentlessly to get back on. For a few minutes the thought of having lost the race not even halfway in began playing in my head – we weren’t making great progress chasing, the guys working in our group were tiring, and with the third repeat of Meeting House Rd coming up I was legitimately worried. Fortunately for us this split did not stick, we reformed and slowed considerably, and Bruce, Anthony and Andrew (having got a new front wheel) were able to chase back on. At this point a powerful group containing Tim Mitchell (CCB Racing) and Eneas Freyre (TTEndurance) got up the road, chasing after the original Brendan Housler break. They would eventually link up and start working as a group of ~12.

After the third circuit of Meeting House we descended down towards Stage Rd, which was previously the final climb of the race. Bruce shot off the front leading into the climb with his characteristic self-described “Diesel-Style” tactic of starting the climb at or slightly off the front, climbing at his own rhythm and slowly fading back into the group, thereby conserving precious energy he would need later on. I put in the effort required to stay at the front on the climb and came over the top around 4th wheel next to Jack Burke (NCCH). After a fast descent we hit the main highway heading towards the covered bridge. Bruce lumbered to the front here with the intention of pulling the peloton closer to the lead group which had a (~2 min gap at this point), so myself and hopefully a few others could form a working chase group to catch the leaders (just as Tim Mitchell and Eneas had done earlier). Bruce gave everything he had for me and must have taken 30 seconds out of the gap here, drilling it at 47-48 km/h into a slight headwind for 4-5 kilometers with the peloton strung out behind him and me sitting happily (and slightly in awe) about 5 wheels back.

We descended down to the covered bridge and shortly after it a chase group of 4-5 formed off the front including Jack. I jumped with the next move with two others and no one chased. The three of us worked well together, riding up Perry hill and the terribly steep and soft Juniper Swamp Rd as hard as possible while taking turns at the front amicably in between. The three of us caught two riders (likely dropped from Jack’s chase group), and about 2 kilometers later we were joined by three more riders who had broken free of the peloton and bridged up to us. We consolidated into a chase group of 8 and got to work chasing down the leaders. This was by far the “easiest” part of the race as it was quite literally the only part of the race where there was ANY cooperation –the rest of the race was attack, cover, recover, rinse, repeat.

After about twenty kilometers of solid smooth rotating our group of 8 made the catch, which swelled the group to about 20-25 guys. In this selection was Jack, two or three CCB racing guys (incl. Tim Mitchell and Adam Carr), two or three Ride with Rendall and ~3 Kelly Benefit guys (incl. Ben Frederick and Bryan Lewis). A moto-official rode up beside our group and informed us there was a solo leader 2 mins ahead. It turned out to be Brendan Housler who had attacked the break while my group of 8 was chasing them. I made the easy decision to sit in here and conserve energy until the Joe Bean Road climb, which was coming up fast and with the biggest numbers/strength in the group the onus was on Kelly Benefit and CCB to work to reel in Housler.

After 140 km of racing the Joe Bean Road climb loomed, and the inevitable pruning of our front group began in earnest. I suffered but made it up the climb with them – I was still going pretty good at this point but it was certainly hurting. Our group of 25 was reduced to less than 15 coming over the top. Jack was still here, as was a few Kelly Benefit guys and Tim Mitchell. The gap to Housler was plummeting. Following the descent off Joe Bean Road, we turned left onto Riddle Road, a new dirt section on the 2015 course. The first 1.2 km of this road averages 7%, on soft dirt, with energy-sapping sandy spots along the way. It was here that the rapidly forming cracks in my armour completely opened – an acceleration happened on one of the steeper ramps that I just couldn’t follow. I was dropped, but didn’t give up and stuck to the rhythm I could maintain, kept pressure on the pedals when the road levelled out, and got off the dirt section about 25 seconds behind a group of 10 guys, with about 22 km left to race.

The wheel support vehicle passed me and I glanced back and saw no one else, of those dropped I was certainly the “least dropped” – the others were long gone off the back. So there was zero point in sitting up with no one behind to help chase so I just kept the pressure on trying to keep the leaders in sight. After about 3 kilometers of chasing solo I realized they were playing games and attacking each other, so I was actually gaining on them… and after 5 kilometers I had caught back on! When I got back on I could see Housler only 10-15 seconds ahead of our group. Bryan Lewis (Kelly Benefit) made the TSN turning point attack here and jumped across to Housler in an immensely impressive late race effort. Housler and Lewis started working together, as our now group of 9 toyed around attacking each other – Ben Frederick of Kelly Benefit did an amazing job here of covering moves, refusing to work and interrupting any attempt to get a paceline going.

This really helped his teammate get and stay away. Textbook teamwork. Jack Burke, Tim Mitchell and Alexis Cartier (Transport Lacombe Devinci) made valiant efforts to break free but were chased down. I was a complete wreck by this point – my ability had been reduced down to “just one speed left” – so when attacks went I would grit my teeth and bear with it, and when the group slowed I’d play the only card I had left –lightly rolling off the front and continuing along at my “one speed.” Then the group would chase me down easily with the next counterattack and the process would repeat itself. It was agony – it was like the final 20 km were being ridden like the first 20 km of a bike race, except we were a field of 9 guys so you had to cover EVERY move or you’d be left in the dust. And all the while Housler and Lewis extended their gap.

Finally with 2 km left we hit the final climb of the race, a 60 vertical meter, 800 meter long switchbacking gravel climb. I mustered every ounce of strength and courage out of my body but was gapped about 1/3 of the way up the climb, I came over the top about 15 seconds behind and rode hard the remaining 1.2 km to the line, coming in 10th place, about 55 seconds behind the winner Bryan Lewis, and 10 seconds behind 3rd-9th.

Wheels of Bloor Elite Team Andrew, Anthony, Gaelen and Bruce  ©  Osmond Bakker

Andrew was the next best finisher from our squad, finishing 25th, about 9 minutes back. Anthony and Osmond came in about 11 mins back, in 35th and 37th respectively. Having won the 40+ race the day before, and having given everything for me at the halfway point in the race leading up to the covered bridge/Perry Hill section, Bruce limped home in 47th, about 18 mins back. A short summary of my feelings surrounding my result:

GOOD – For the first time at Battenkill, I was “in” the final. I was in the mix for the podium and even the win from 25 k to go until 1.5 k to go. I saw how the finale played out. I was there, and I was a part of it (albeit a small part). In previous years I couldn’t even commentate on how the race (or even the podium) was won. This year I could. That’s WAY more progress than any tenth place result would indicate.

BAD – I was in the mix for the podium and even the win AT BATTENKILL and I only got tenth?! Because I got dropped on two climbs?! ARGH!!!

Bruce Bird’s Men’s 40+ Report

On Saturday May 18th at the Washington Fair Grounds in Greenwich, NY the 11th edition of the Tour of the Battenkill took place on a beautiful Spring day. The race moved away from Cambridge NY for the first time to better accommodate the several thousand participants who flood to this event to test their fitness in this early season classic.

Osmond Bakker and Bruce Bird line up at the start.  ©  Wheels of Bloor

I lined up for the 10am start along with teammate Osmond Bakker and a field of 60 of the top 40+ male cyclist in North America including current Canadian 40+ National Champion Jean-Francois Blais, current Quebec Provincial Masters Champion Dominic Chalifoux and former US Masters National champion Roger Aspholm.

There was little change to our pace when the neutral lead car rolled away after 1.5kms as this veteran field knew that the tour of the Battenkill is a race of attrition. Just a few of us were racing with teammates, led by the Trek Fiera team out of Quebec with four riders and then Fincraft with three. Most of the participants were not interested in using up any resources early on in the race so the pace was comfortable.

Our group remained intact up the gravel climbs on Meeting House road and on the descent afterwards. Fincraft and Trek were active at the front but nothing stuck until Roger Aspholme laid down an attack on a roller leading up to Stage Road. I watched as Roger gained 15 seconds on us. I jumped on any rider trying to bridge across. After a few kms we brought him back and then started up Stage Road Groupo Compacto.

There was no wind on the climb so I saw no issue with taking the lead for a bit and then again when we hit the descent. On the flats at the bottom I moved to the back of the group to assess the impact of the climb and quick descent; we were down to 20 riders with a string of solo riders madly racing to catch up; the elastic had been stretched for the first time.

Our lead group slowed as no one wanted to set the pace and then Oleg Tanovitchi (CRCA / Lupus Racing Team) went all in and shot off the front without looking back. There was zero reaction in our group. We continued rolling relatively slowly as our group swelled while riders rejoined from behind.

The race got very tactical for the next 10 minutes while Trek, Fincraft and Wheels of Bloor all checked each other trying to set up the next move. Eventually Osmond got away with Chalifoux while I set false tempo at the front waiting for a Fincraft rider to make a move, but it never happened. I policed the front of the peloton while the two chasers slowly built up a nice lead. A few solo efforts were put in by a variety of riders, which I followed as best I could. There were no coordinated chase efforts back in the peloton which helped Bakker and Chalifoux move out of site.

I took the lead of the peloton as we headed to the base of the Juniper Swamp climb so that I could ride up at my own pace up. On the last corner heading to the climb as I turned left the rider behind me rode into me clipping my back wheel with his pedal and snapping a spoke. I pulled over and threw my arm up to signal to our wheel truck. I calmed myself just like I had seen the best pros do on youtube in so many races. I took the wheel off and waited for the truck to pull up. After a brief conversation, Brian the driver found a spare 11ring wheel which I proceeded to install before starting my chase after losing about a minute.

I climbed hard and caught one rider off the back before flatting on the descent, and pulling over again for the wheel truck. I thought I was being calm but when I tried to install the second spare I had the chain ring facing the wrong side of the bike, yes I was in panic mode. Brian helped get the wheel on and then I dropped the chain in the process and struggled to solve it as if it were a Rubix cube. Panicking during a wheel change is not helpful.

I had lost somewhere between 2-3 minutes, but my bad luck was now behind me. I pleaded with Brian to let me ride behind him to close the gap but we were too far behind the peloton which it was his job to support so off he went.

Meanwhile up ahead Osmond and Chalifoux had joined Oleg to form a 3-man break, unfortunately Osmond flatted and was forced to wait a while for the wheel truck that had been attending to me. After getting a wheel change Osmond teamed up with two dropped riders and made his way back up to the peloton.

I was riding a hard tempo as I chased for about 10 minutes before seeing a group of 3-riders up ahead and in the distance the back of the peloton. It took me another five minutes to rejoin the group. I then stayed at the back recovering while I watched Osmond make attempt after attempt to get away for peloton on our ride up to the paved Joe Bean climb.

I move up in the feed zone and then went for it at the base of the climb up the left side of the road. I went into the red zone in no time and then steadied myself. I crested the climb with about a 15 second lead over the group behind and pushed on down the descent.

On the following dirt road climb I was caught by two Fincraft riders (Aspholm and Andreas Runggatscher) and Osmond. The four of us worked hard together with a chase group 15-20 riders right on our tails. With 12km to go a rider from another race on the side of the road told us that we were about 90 seconds back of the leaders…those numbers fail the Paul Sherwin catch equation of a minute for every ten kms and may not even apply to a chase group of four.

Our efforts paid off as the group behind was now out of sight and we caught the two leaders with 5km to go. Our pace slowed considerably now that we were six and heading up to the final climb. It was up to Fincraft and Wheels of Bloor to keep the pace due to our superior numbers.

I hit the climb behind Runggatscher and Osmond and moved into the lead about half way up. I kept the pace constant just waiting for someone to hit me from behind but fortunately it never happened. It was just Runggatscher and me with about 20 seconds back to the other riders. Osmond saw the gap appearing and held back to let it grow to improve my odds in the final sprint.

Bruce Bird tops 2015 Tour of the Battenkill podium  ©  Wheels of Bloor

After the right hand turn I moved in behind Runggatscher with 1200meters to go. I stayed behind him until we made the right hander into the Fair Grounds with 200meters to take the win. Osmond crossed the line in fourth place just behind Chalifoux.


Women Pro 1/2 – 109.44km
1. Lenore Pipes (USA) 3:28:42
2. Emma White (USA) Hot Tubes Junior Development Team 0:01
3. Catherine Ouellette (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS
4. Stephanie Wetzel (USA) MidAtlantic Colavita Women’s Team 0:04
5. Stefanie Sydlik (USA) QCW Breakawaybikes.com p/b Felt Bicycles-JLVe 0:06
6. Masha Schneider (USA) 3:51
7. Kristie Nichols James (USA) QCW Breakawaybikes.com p/b Felt Bicycles-JLVe 4:11
8. Jessie Donavan (USA) 4:47
9. Kerrin Strevell (USA) Farm Team Elite Women/InRoads Racing 6:59
10. Marti Shea (USA) Destination Cycling 8:39
11. Dominique Danco (USA) McGill Cycling Team 9:30
12. Meredith Uhl (USA) Farm Team Elite Women/InRoads Racing 13:54
13. Brittlee Bowman (USA) CRCA/Stan’s NoTubes p/b Velo Classic Cycling 14:00
14. Jenny Ives (USA) Farm Team Elite Women/InRoads Racing 14:23
15. Isabelle Mayrand (Can) R II R-Toguri Training 15:31
16. Melissa Hiller (USA) QCW Cycling p/b Breakawaybikes.com 15:32
17. Jessica Meany (USA) CRCA/Stan’s NoTubes p/b Velo Classic Cycling 16:46
18. Marianna Williams (USA) QCW Breakawaybikes.com p/b Felt Bicycles-JLVe 20:50
19. Amy Miner (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team 22:36
20. Rosanne Van Dorn (USA) Farm Team Elite Women/InRoads Racing 25:10
21. Anna Dingman (USA) TRT Bicycles 26:05
22. Jennifer Nordhem (USA) CRCA/Stan’s NoTubes p/b Velo Classic Cycling 51:44

Men Pro 1 – 168.99km
1. Bryan Lewis (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 4:18:40
2. Brendan Housler (USA) Nalgene/Borah Teamwear p/b IQDentistry.com 0:13
3. Tim Mitchell (USA) CCB Racing 0:42
4. Ben Frederick (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite
5. Allan Rego (USA) CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 0:43
6. Eneas Freyre (USA) TTEndurance
7. Michael Margarite (USA) CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant Cycling Team
8. Jack Burke (Can) Team CHCH/NCCH
9. Alan Royek (USA) EC Devo 0:44
10. Gaelen Merritt (Can) Wheels of Bloor 0:55
11. Alexis Cartier (Can) Transport Lacombe Devinci 1:28
12. Benjamin Fogle (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 2:53
13. Will Cooper (USA) QCW Breakawaybikes.com p/b Felt Bicycles-JLVe 2:55
14. Daniel Chabanov (USA) CRCA/Foundation 3:00
15. Cristian Torres (USA) CRCA/Foundation 3:04
16. Cory Small (USA) CCB Racing 3:06
17. Adam Carr (USA) CCB Racing 3:07
18. Chase Goldstein (USA) CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant Cycling Team
19. Menso De Jong (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling 3:13
20. Geoffroy Dussault (Can) Garneau Quebecor 4:05
21. Austin Vincent (USA) Airgas Safway Cycling Team 4:05
22. Curtis White (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 4:23
23. Christopher Coble (USA)
24. Jules Goguely (USA) CCB Racing 4:24
25. Taylor Warren (USA) 4:25
26. Conor O’Brien (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme 5:06
27. Casey Roth (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme
28. Christopher Jones (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 8:00
29. Gevan Samuel (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme 8:22
30. Guillaume Plourde (Can) Trek-Fiera 8:51
31. Andrew House (Can) Wheels of Bloor 9:39
32. Ross Baldwin (USA) Lupus Racing Team 10:46
33. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni USA 10:47
34. Dennis Cottreau (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme 11:18
35. Anthony Sreblowski (Can) Wheels of Bloor
36. Clarke Lind (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme 11:20
37. Osmond Bakker (Can) Wheels of Bloor 11:30
38. Stephen Francisco (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team
39. Oleg Tanovitchi (USA) CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 11:31
40. Alex Kellum (USA) J. Brown p/b Ms. Roses 11:58
41. Kai Wiggins (USA) CCB Racing 12:13
42. Jeremy Durrin (USA) 12:18
43. Neil Bezdek (USA) CRCA/Foundation
44. Craig Nichols (USA) Team Alliance Environmental 12:19
45. Curtis Winsor (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 13:18
46. Thomas Barnett (USA) EC Devo 18:05
47. Bruce Bird (Can) Wheels of Bloor 18:30
48. Stephan Hoffman (USA) Team Clif Bar 18:31
49. Jayson Jacobs (USA) The Weather Channel/Giant Cycling Team-CRCA 27:09
50. Dakota Schaeffer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite 27:55
51. Igor Rudalev (USA) CRCA /Lupus Racing Team 28:38
52. Laurier Balthazard (Can) Garneau Quebec 28:55
53. Bobby Bailey (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team 31:53
54. Lewis Fellas (USA) CCB Racing 35:16
55. Paul Morris (USA) Team Clif Bar 51:09
56. John Bergmann (USA) Team Clif Bar
57. Alejandro Guzman (USA) CRCA/Foundation 51:10
58. Miles Lamon (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling
59. Sean McCarthy (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team
DNF Jake Hollenbach (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team
DNF Brian Jensen (USA) TradeWind Energy Cycling Team
DNF Evan Lang (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF Lucas Livermon (USA) Happy Tooth Racing
DNF Justin Purificati (Can) Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme
DNF Yohan Patry (Can)
DNF Jonah Meadvancort (USA) KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School

Men 40+ – 109.43km
1. Bruce Bird (Can) Wheels of Bloor 3:01:50
2. Andreas Runggatscher (USA) FinKraft Cycling Team 00:02
3. Dominic Chalifoux (Can) Trek Fiera 00:27
4. Osmond Bakker (Can) Wheels of Bloor
5. Oleg Tanovitchi (USA) CRCA/LUPUS Racing Team 00:30
6. Roger Aspholm (USA) Finkraft Cycling Team 00:32
7. Eric Balog (USA) Hoback Sports/JHAF 00:44
8. Jacob Hacker (USA) 00:45
9. Chris Crowell (USA) Stage 1/fusionTHINK
10. Todd Fairhead (Can) Tekne Cycling Club
11. Mark Branle (USA) Team Alliance Environmental
12. Bryan Reid (USA) Dallas Bike Works
13. David Peters (USA)
14. Yann Lavallee (Can) Trek Fiera 00:46
15. Benjamin Koyle (USA) Team Fit Werx
16. Herb Jimenez (USA) FinKraft Cycling Team 00:49
17. Jean-Francois Blais (Can) Trek-Fiera 01:00
18. Leigh Quilliams (Can) Trek-Fiera 01:04
19. Joseph Wentzell (USA) QCW Cycling p.b. breakawaybikes.com 01:22
20. William Wisse (USA) DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
21. Michael Lambert (USA) FIT WERX 02:06
22. James Johnson (USA) NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 02:08
23. Igor Rudalev (USA) CRCA/Lupus racing Team 02:24
24. Charlie Rey (USA) CRCA/Houlihan Lokey 02:25
25. Geoff Smith (USA) Trestle Bridge Racing
26. Brook Edinger (USA) NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 02:26
27. Greg Kaplan (USA) QCW Cycling p.b. Breakaway Bikes 02:29
28. Marc Brazeau (Can) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais
29. Eric Weinrich (USA) Momentum Barracuda Cycling 03:05
30. Steve Proulx (Can) Cyclery Racing 04:22
31. Stokely Samuel (USA) Artemis Racing)05:44
32. Alan Potter (USA) Team Fit Werx 05:47
33. John Landino (USA) DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL 05:56
34. Jurgen Beneke (USA) DaHanger
35. Laurent Martel (Can) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais
36. John Hirsch (USA) C3 Racing 06:29
37. James Read (USA) Jimenez Velo Sport 06:30
38. James Mcguire (Can) Tekne Cycling Club 06:46
39. John Lynch (USA) FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles 09:34
40. Jeff Galland (USA) Hammer/53×11 09:52
41. Todd Burns (USA) Nantucket Velo 10:03
42. A.T. Stamp (USA) ClassicCycling.com 10:33
43. Tom Godfrey (USA) NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 18:56
44. Dean Phillips (USA) Team Fit Werx 20:19
45. Eric Brassell (USA) 545 Velo 21:15
46. Douglas Roland (USA) Sag Harbor Cycle Company 21:18
47. Angel Martinez (USA) DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL 21:19
48. Geoffrey Irwin (USA) NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 21:34
49. Wasyel Danysh (USA) US Military Cycling Team 22:00
50. Gerald Chen (Can) Nine2Fivepro.com Cycling Team 25:35
51. Emmanuel Parent (Can) Club Sportif CT 26:12
52. Werner Freymann (USA) Easy Riders Cycling p/b Cutters 30:00
53. Mike Servais (USA) Colavita Racing 36:38
54. Richard Brown (USA) 37:09
55. David Mika (USA) 41:42
56. John Smathers (USA) 545 Velo 43:04
57. Ryan Linder-Hess (USA) 05:18
DNF Miles Billings (USA) 545 Velo
DNF Jason “JJ” Hancock (USA) Cyclonauts Racers

Junior Girls 13-14 – 19.31km
1. Anne-Florence Boutin (Can) Cycle Neron 40:31
2. Danae Waterbury (Can) Club Cycliste l’échappée 1:40
3. Madeline Smith (USA) Team Wear on Earth 1:54
4. Emma Freymann (USA) Kelpius Cycling 3:16
5.  Katherine Sideco (Can) Cycle Neron 7:32
6. Lyse-Ann Coffin (Can) Cycle Neron 17:04
7. Tiera Chrystall (USA) Cannondale Sports New England 25:23

Junior Boys 15-16 – 109.44km
1. Andrew Schmidt (USA) Hincapie Racing Team 3:09:10
2. Simon Jones (USA) Hincapie Development
3. Jacob Skrip (USA) JVR Sports

21. Adam Wolfe (Can) Club Velo Metropolitan Cycle ABC 22:34
DNF Griffin Schwartz (Can)

Junior Girls 15-18 – 37.01km
DNF Anna Caron (USA) Momentum Barracuda Cycling

Junior Boys 17-18 – 109.44km
1. Ethan Reynolds (USA) Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc. 3:01:20
2. Cooper Willsey (USA) Dealer.com Cycling Team 10:38
3. Francis Barriault (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS 10:39

14. Brian Moore (Can) Team NCCH p/b DEC Express 10:45
17. Laurent Gervais (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom 10:58
25. Simon Ouellette (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS 12:36
29. Antoine Fabry (Can) Rossi The Pack 18:51
31. Alexis Legault (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS 20:50
35. Joseph Kelly (Can) Team NCCH p/b DEC Express 25:42
39. Charles Côté (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS 28:07
DNF Antoine Bouchard (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS
DNF Antoine Côté (Can) Andre Cycle Kaycan RDS
DNF Léon Desgagnés (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain
DNF Jordann Jones (Can) Team NCCH p/b DEC Express


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