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Team Squamish Rides Again

January 30, 2006 – This week Team Squamish, the community-based competitive biking team, announced this year’s team. The 27 member team has a number of new faces, but there are also many returning members.

“We’re trying to build on last year’s success,” said head coach, Paul Kindree. “About two-thirds of the team are returning members, the rest are new.”

Last year, Team Squamish dominated provincial cycling events with more than 40 podium finishes, but the team coaches are quick to downplay those results.

“As always, our goals this year include helping the kids become better cyclist and better racers. If they win some medals, that’s great, but our primary focus is to see that they have some fun,” Kindree said.

This year Kindree relinquished his position as Team Squamish chair to concentrate coaching, and life-long Squamish resident Armand Hurford stepped into the chair position.

“I’m excited about the prospect of working with these guys,” said Hurford. “I wish that when I was a young rider I had had an opportunity like this.”

Hurford, who has extensive experience working in the cycling industry, repeated that message to the team at their first ride of the season last Saturday.

“You guys should know that what you’re being offered here by Team Squamish is more than most sponsored riders get. Take advantage of this opportunity. If you listen to what coaches have to say, you’re going to get better each week,” Hurford told the group.

Hurford also praised the community sponsors who have given so much support to the team and reminded the young riders of their responsibility to represent the team, the community and the sponsors well throughout the season.

The team, ranging in age from 13 to 23, unanimously chose Ryan Edwards as this year’s team captain.

“It’s a great honour,” said affable Edwards, 23. “I looking forward to competing this year and also to mentoring some of the younger riders.”

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