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Team Squamish 2008 Announcement

March 18, 2008 – Team Squamish is looking forward to another exciting year of racing. Coach Kindree is most enthusiastic about this year’s selection and feels that the group is extremely strong and has tremendous potential. We are pleased, also, to have been able to include some development riders this year — slightly younger riders who are passion about the sport, but do not yet have a great deal of experience. These riders are already discovering, through some of the activities we have undertaken, that there are new disciplines and alternate training methods to be explored.

The four trips to the Velodrome have paid good dividends and some riders have taken part in races already as well as considering trying out road riding. The elite riders are well into training, Neal Kindree laying aside his winter fun activities with which he keeps himself fit and entertained while forcing himself to stay off his bike; Phil Cairns had a wonderful time training in Palm Springs; Miranda Miller enjoyed a trip to Nevada with Mad March Racing to meet with Marin Bikes and the chance to get back on her downhill bike; and several Provincial Team members are looking forward to their next training camp with coach Steve Lund in Victoria. Provincial Coach Richard Wooles put out a call for Junior Downhill riders interested in trying out for the provincial team and three Team Squamish riders responded and enjoyed a rigorous morning of assessment in power, strength, balance, agility and mental preparation.

Coach Kindree and Core Trainer Heidi Drygas have started Monday training sessions doubling up with spin and core training work. Heidi has also been looking out for alignment and any idiosyncrasies of posture or pedal stroke that are maybe caused by a misalignment. I welcome, also, a wonderful support system of parents. A new board of directors has been formed and we are moving rapidly ahead now with plans for new uniforms, accelerated activity to bring the team closer to our sponsors and the community.

Particularly exciting is the student involvement — two of our riders have stepped up to help out one with the newsletter — thank you Hayden — and one with the website which was sorely in need of a firm hand — thank you Eden! So there is nowhere to go but the podium! And around the trails and back again. And, of course, downhill … fast! All the best for 2008.

2008 Team Squamish

Elite Team 2008
– Ryan Edwards
– Neal Kindree
– Miranda Miller
– Phil Cairns

Development Team 2008
– Hayden Drygas
– Eden Imbeau
– Toby Nolan
– Alison MacKellar
– Lauren Rosser
– Kristen Drygas
– Aiden Davis
– Summer Griffin
– Maia Kilby
– Mo Lawrence
– Robert Leigh

– President: Tamsin Miller
– Vice President: Ian Davis
– Secretary: Lori Kilby
– Treasurer: Ian and Sherri Davis
– Head Coach: Paul Kindree
– Assistant Coaches: D. Imbeau, C. Lawrence, R. Kilby, C. Cairns
– Media/ Press Relations: Tamsin Miller
– Sponsorship: Dean Imbeau
– Newsletter: Hayden Drygas
– Statisticians: Cam and Joanne Cairns
– Webmasters: Eden Imbeau/ Joanne Cairns/Jude Goodwin
– Logo: Paul Kindree/Chris Lawrence
– Sponsor Liaisons/ Social Secretaries: Barb and Brent Leigh

Honorable Mentions
– Miranda Miller received the Premier Award for Athletic success, she is the 3rd Team Squamish member to receive the honor after Neal Kindree in 2005, and sister Meaghan Kindree in 2007.
– Neil Kindree and Lauren Rosser received awards from Pemberton’s Chance for Kids Foundation Team Squamish in motion

– Team Squamish members took part a Team BC training camp in mid-February.
– Team Squamish riders have been taking part in regular core training/
flexibility session.
– Many Team Squamish racers trained at the Burnaby Velodrome over the winter.


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