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Team SpiderTech p/b C10 Launch Photos & Interviews (E/F) w/Bauer, McCarty, Houle, Boivin, Routley, Boily & Selander

by pedalmag.com

December 03, 2011 (Toronto, ON) – Here’s a selection of photos and more video highlights including the team presention, Canada Goose jackets presented to new team members, and interviews with Steve Bauer, Pat McCarty, Hugo Houle, David Boily, Bjorn Selander, Guillaume Boivin and Will Routley at the Team SpiderTech powered by C10’s official 2012 launch in Toronto at the Real Sports Bar & Grill – some interviews are in English and French.

Steve Bauer

Canada Goose & SpiderTech Rider Presentations – E/F

Interview Mix – Selander, Boily, Houle, McCarty – E/F

Will Routley

Guillaume Boivin

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