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Team Sante Universelle/Marin Bikes Back in 2016

release by Sante Universelle Marin Bikes Team

November 05, 2015 (Gatineau, QC) – Having completed a successful first year, Gatineau’s cycling team ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ will come back at the national trade team level for season number 2. Frederick Gates is targeting a move into the UCI Continental ranks for 2017. They would become the first team in the history of the city to obtain a UCI Continental Level licence.

Team Universelle Marin Bikes  ©  Vincent Drouin

Filled with enthusiasm by their results obtained in 2015 and the notoriety ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ has rapidly acquired during their first season, the director, Frederick Gates, is convinced the team will be ready to move to a higher level in a little over a year. “We have had an exceptional first year,” said Frederick Gates. “Our cyclists achieved key results during important races all year. We even surprised the international cycling peloton during the ‘Tour de Beauce’ when Gatineau rider Jean-Sebastien Perron finished in 8th place. Jean-Sebastien was also exceptional during the hometown ‘Grand Prix Cycliste de Gatineau’ where he took 3rd place at the nationally sanctioned men’s road race,” he added.

For his part, Emile Jean had an exceptional year, obtaining the bronze medal at the Canadian championships U23 individual time trial. He followed this by winning the Quebec Championship individual time trial and taking 3rd in the road race. In addition, he won two stages at the ‘Tour de la Matapedia’ and took many other noteworthy podiums during the season. Let’s not forget the breakout season of Ben Andrew who got the team’s first ever podium at the “Hell of the South” in Tennessee and won the last Ontario Cup race of the year.

Team ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ also attracted other high caliber riders into its ranks this season including American, Chad Beyer, and Barbados National Champion, Darren Mathews. The addition of Chad Beyer during the ‘Tour de Beauce’ was a stepping stone for Beyer to move back into the professional ranks for the 2016 season, while at the same time leaving valuable experience behind for the first year team. Darren Mathews brought credit to the team during many races, including the renowned ‘Mardis Cycliste de Lachine’ criterium series, where he placed 3rd during the second to last race of the season. Darren showed himself as a model team member filling important roles to help propel his teammates to the podium.

In addition to its performance on the road, team ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ was well followed by the media, resulting in many articles and stories during its rookie season. Well represented in social media, team ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ is second amongst Canadian cycling teams for social media followers on the Web, only next to Canada’s top cycling team, Silber Pro Cycling.

In 2016 cycling team ‘Santé Universelle/Marin Bikes’ will continue its development with the goal to turn professional in 2017. “We want to attract new businesses to join our group of partners by showing them the potential visibility that we can offer, not only in the National Capital region, but all over North America,” declared Frederick Gates, visibly excited by the project.

The team will have the opportunity to show its colours during many high level races during the coming season. The one that will attract the most attention will be, without doubt, the 2016 and 2017 Canadian Road Cycling Championships which will be held on home turf in Gatineau and Ottawa for the next two years.

The 2016 roster will be announced in the coming weeks.

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