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Team RACE/Planet Energy is Europe Bound

March 3, 2008 – Steve Bauer and the twelve riders of Team RACE/Planet Energy have now completed their preparation work leading to the new season. This began with a training camp held in South Carolina’s Blue Mountains region, which offered riders ample opportunity to get acquainted with the outstanding road manners of their new Argon18 Gallium rigs. Lots of hours in the saddle led to much positive feedback on matters of comfort and handling once the crew had dialed in the perfect position thanks to a well- balanced geometry.

Rider enthusiasm for the new machine was all the more understandable given that some of the team members rode the last season on aluminum frames, so yes, they certainly could feel a difference!

The team has now packed its gear and flown to Europe to begin its race program there. This European foray will occupy the entire month of March as the group takes on the peloton in countries where cycling more or less amounts to a religion, kicking off the action today with a ride in the Beverbeek Classic (UCI 1.2) in Belgium. This will be followed by the Grand Prix de Lilliers (UCI 2.2) and the Tour de Normandie (UCI 2.2) in France.

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