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Team H2V::Coast to Coast – Day 3

September 17, 2007 – Well the legs are sure getting heavy now but I must admit the terrain hasn’t punished us like it could have. Besides a few shifts in the rain, the team has managed to pull ahead of schedule with some serious hard work.

We have met some great people so far and been warmly received throughout Canada. The scenery, when we get to ride during light hours, has been absolutely unbelievable and at times breathtaking. We live in an amazing country.

Joining us to further support our efforts along the way, were riders from sponsors such Accu Chek and Sanofi Aventis, who were just epic and so inspiring in their own right. Some travelled from more than two hours away to ride with us. Accu-Check Team Leader, Daniel was a joy to ride with and Keith got to ride with Francois and Martin from Sanofi-Avenits, who were helping to teach him French swear words when we rolled through some rather poor spots.

Matt and Richard, in Rider Van 2, have been pulling heavy loads over night as it was their time to shine, so to speak, and today we are rolling through Ontario at a great pace. Willie even hit over 100km/hr at one point!

Sorry the webcam isn’t working but rest assured we are doing well and having some fun.

Live to ride.

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