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Team H2V::Coast to Coast – Day 1

September 14, 2007 – Well the team is finally on the road. After days of waiting and months of preparation we have left Halifax to begin the assault on the guinness record and raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes.

Leaving Halifax could be one of the greatest riding days of the team’s life. We got up early and that is even after most of the volunteers has spent the enitre night loading the food and supplies plus making sure the Winnebagos, our home for the next nine days, were outfitted perfectly.

Arriving in Point Pleasant Park where we were to dip our tires and depart we were more than a little stunned to see a stage and the Premier of the Nova Scotia ready to send us off with great fanfare. It was a brilliant start to the journey and we even had a bagpiper playing traditional music as we dipped and left. Our MC was the radio host who the previous day had interviewed us on air at Rock 104, and then the Mayor’s assistant officially declared September 14th, Team H2V day. It was amazing and the day has been glorious.

We left the city with a special escort — it was one of the coolest things I have ever done on a bike. Teams of riders road with us through the city centre with a full police escort. I’m no Tour de France rider but I’m sure those guys like the fact that cars are stopped at any and all intersections including the highway so a bunch of cyclist can go through – it was awesome.

Discovery Channel followed our progress and we were all interviewed so hopefully after this little ordeal there will be some legacy of the ride left behind via interviews and media so we can keep alive the long term goal of rasing money on a continuous basis.

We are definitley past $800,000 and money seems to be coming in fast and furiously. Millions is the goal and the cure will come in time.

Each rider has almost done a full shift and so far we are right on schedule. Everyone putting in about 100km in their 3-hr shift. The tough part will surely come as within 12 hours we’re right back on the bikes.

Nova Scotia is in the rear view mirror and we are a serious way through New Brunswick. So far so good. Talk to you all tomorrow and check it all out at www.teamh2v.com.

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