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Team Canada Pan Am Track Day 1 Report, Results – Sullivan Wins Silver

release by the CCA

May 12, 2010 (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – The first day of competition on the track had Canadians competing in three events. First up were Joseph Veloce, Travis Smith, and Stephane Cossette in the Men’s Team Sprint. Canada started in the second last heat due to finishing second last year and got off to a strong start with Joseph setting a 17.8 opening first lap, then Travis took over and half way into his one lap effort, third rider Stephane blew a rear tire at a very high speed. Stephane managed to maintain control of his bike and did not crash but the ride was over and a disc wheel destroyed.

About 10 minutes later, with a new rear wheel and a fixed chain, the Canadian trio were in the start blocks again. Veloce posted a respectable 18.1 opening lap but overall the first ride had taken a massive toll on the riders. In the end the team rode a 45.487 to qualify 3rd and go on to race Trinidad and Tobago for the bronze.

In the finial, Joseph had a stunning start of 17.6 seconds catching Travis by surprise. He had to catch up by accelerating in the second half of the lap making Stephane’s job harder and the team finished in 4th.

Daniele Defranceschi and Jean-Michel Lachance raced the 40km Points race where Jean-Michel was able to lap the field by the middle of the race and came 4th in the final sprint to finish result 12th overall. Daniele was very active and tried to launch a massive attack, but was unable to recover properly in the hot velodrome and did not finish.

Monique Sullivan, who had set a personal best in the 500 meters at the World Championships in March bested her time by 0.6 seconds to finish with a time of 34.76 seconds in second place. Monique’s silver medal is the first for the team on the track at these championships. “I am really happy with my 500 result. I didn’t have any expectations coming into this race but it is a fast track and I am glad that I was able to maximize my effort and beat my personal best by over half a second. Lori-Ann Muenzer’s Canadian record is my next goal and I am getting close! Tomorrow I will race my first team pursuit ever. I will be riding with Steph and Laura who have a lot of experience (Tara was unable to join them because of her broken elbow) and I am excited for the challenge. I hope I can add something to the team!”

Racing Continues on May 12th with the following:
– Men’s Individual Pursuit: Mark MacDonald and Jean-Michel Lachance
– Men’s Scratch Race: Mark MacDonald and Remi Pelletier-Roy
– Men’s Keirin: Stephane Cossette and Joseph Veloce
– Women’s Team Pursuit: Laura Brown, Steph Roorda, Monique Sullivan


500m Time Trial


1. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba) 00:33.4
2. Monique Sullivan (Canada) 00:34.8
3. Nancy Contreras (Mexico) 00:35.0
4. Diana Garcia (Colombia) 00:35.1
5. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela) 00:35.3
6. Daniela Gaxiola (Mexico) 00:35.6
7. Jannine Salcedo (Colombia) 00:35.6
8. Arianna Herrera (Cuba) 00:35.7
9. Cristin Walker (United States Of America) 00:36.3
10. Irene Aravena (Chile) 00:36.5
11. Carolina Buenaventura (Ecuador) 00:37.4
12. Macarena Lopez (Chile) 00:39.1
13. Melissa Loria (Costa Rica) 00:39.7
14. Cassandra Rodriguez (Costa Rica) 00:39.8
15. Luz Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) 00:39.9
DNS Daiana Almada (Argentina)

Team Pursuit Final


1. Colombia (Leonardo Marvael, Christian Tamayo, Fabian Puerta) 00:44.1
2. Venezuela (Angel Pulgar, Cesar Marcano, Hersony Canelon) 00:44.2
3. Trinidad and Tabago (Njisane Philly, Azikiwe Kellar, Cristopher Sellier) 00:44.1
4. Canada (Stephane Cosette, Travis Smith, Joseph Veloce) 00:45.4

Individual Pursuit Final


1. Sarah Hammer (United States of America)
2. Maria Luisa Calle (Colombia) Caught
3. Dalila Rodriguez (Cuba) 03:37.9
4. Sofia Arreola (Mexico) 03:38.5

Points Race


1. Weimar Roldan (Colombia) 90 pts
2. Jorge Montenegro (Ecuador) 74
3. Ramon Aguirre (Mexico) 69 (-1 lap)
4. Manuel Rodas (Guatemala) 63
5. Pablo Seisdedos (Chile) 58
6. Martin Ercila (Argentina) 41
7. Maximo Rojas (Venezuela) 34
8. Rafael German (Dominican Republic) 30 (-2 laps)
9. Sebastian Cancio (Argentina) 29
10. Cody O’reilly (United States Of America) 25
11. Byron Guama (Ecuador) 23
12. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) 22
13. Jose Medina (Chile) 4 (-3 laps)
14. Yosvangs Rojas (Venezuela) 3
15. Ramon L. Martin (Cuba) 2
16. Hersson Jimenez (Costa Rica) 1
17. Londy Morales (Guatemala)
18. Augusto Sanchez (Dominican Republic)
19. Cesar Vaquera (Mexico) -1
20. Edwin Avila (Colombia)
DSQ Darren Matthews (Barbados)
DNF Pablo Loria (Costa Rica)
DNF Anthony Seppy (Puerto Rico)
DNF Adam Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago)
DNF Daniele Defranceschi (Canada)
DNF Eduardo Colon (Puerto Rico)

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