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Taiwan: An Inside Look at Cycling’s Asian Tiger – Part 3

by Scott Kelly

March 09, 2012 (Taiwan) – Here is Part 3 of our Inside Look at Cycling’s Asian Tiger, the final installment of Pedal’s profiles of Taiwanese companies making a name for themselves in the cycling industry. Taiwan also stages the Taipei Cycle Show, one of the ‘big three’ bicycle trade shows in the world. Currently underway, the show is celebrating it’s 25th year and boasts over 1,000 exhibitors and 4,000 booths. This year’s show runs March 7-11 and is taking place at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Pedal is on site in Taipei will have full coverage of the show shortly.

Pacific Cycles
George Lin got his start in the bicycle business 40 years ago and nine years later founded Pacific Cycles. Innovation coupled with sustainable growth has always been the goal of Pacific Cycles and this innovation has been rewarded with many honors and awards culminating in an IF Gold Award in 2009.

Pacific Cycles was the only bicycle manufacturer invited to exhibit at the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo, a testament to their design capability. In addition to their line up of Reach and Birdy Compact folding bikes, Pacific also manufactures frames for Niner, Banshee, Bergamont and Solid Bikes. Pacific’s 120 employees produce primarily aluminum frames, 40% branded as Pacific and 60% for other brands.

The company excels as a result of its strength in several core competencies. Pacific possesses a excellent knowledge of bicycle science including bicycle dynamics, material dynamics and human ergonomics. It also has strong skills in computer-aided design and aesthetics, as well as renowned craftsmanship.

With over 30 years of experience, Pacific has gained a broad understanding of the bicycle industry along with expertise in marketing and brand-building allowing the company to innovate and excel year after year.

Pacific’s motto is “Be small, and be thyself” and it is this gradual growth, small size and creative ideas that has allowed the company to produce high quality, innovative products.

Giant Bicycles
Giant Bicycles was founded in 1972 and launched the Giant brand in 1981 evolving into one of the biggest bicycle companies in the world. Last year Giant boasted $1.39 Billion US in total revenue and 10% of the overall worldwide market share.

A total of 70% of the bicycles Giant produced were Giant branded while 30% were for other leading worldwide brands. Giant produces their frames in their nine factories of which two are in Taiwan, seven are in China and one is in the Europe that is focused primarily on assembly.

The scale of Giant is huge, they have over 11,000 dealers spread over 80 countries and their future plans for growth in China will see that number increase even more.

Giant is the number one brand in Taiwan and China, a top-3 brand in the US and Europe as well as the top imported brand in Canada. Giant’s ability as a manufacturer is renowned, but doesn’t rest on its laurels, and continues to seek improvement in branding, marketing and retail strategies.

Giant is hoping to improve their retail experience through a program known as Right Ride, which they are now testing in major markets. Right Ride consists of an easy to understand strategy that promotes purchasing the Right Bike (road, mountain, comfort etc) in the Right Size and refining it with the Right Fit.

Giant hopes that this will promote a bicycle-buying experience that wins over new customers and satisfies existing customers. It is their hope that Giant retail establishments can eventually become an outlet for total cycling solutions; providing products, fitting, coaching and ultimately inspiring adventure..

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