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Swisspower Cup 4 – Men\’s and Women\’s Reports

April 29, 2006 (Winterthur, Switzerland) – The fourth race in the Swisspower Cup Series took place on a new course, a six-kilometre route consisting of a steep climbs, fire roads and twisty, muddy singletrack. Germany’s Nina Göhl (GER, Multivan-Merida) navigated her way through the mud fastest, riding the five laps in 1:37:15. Esther Süss (SUI, Ghost) finished second, 2:53 back. Sweden’s Anna Enocsson (SWE, Ghost) rolled across the line in third place. Canada’s Sandra Walter (CAN, X.O-Felt) cracked the top 10 with a seventh-place ride. Martina Feldmann (CAN, X.O-Felt) was 14th.

Men’s Report

Martin Gujan (SUI, Athleticum) took victory in the fourth chapter of this year’s Swisspower Cup Series. He powered through seven laps of a slick six-kilometre loop in 1:55:04, only three seconds ahead of second place, Moritz Milatz (SUI, Multivan-Merida). Milatz’s teammate, Ralph Näf (SUI, Multivan-Merida) pulled into third place. The course in the city of Winterthur was new to the series and, due to showery April weather, challeneged racers with several muddy sections. The route’s steep climbs combined with gear-grinding mud made for an exciting race.

Women’s Results (5 laps)
1. Nina Göhl (GER, Multivan-Merida) 1:37:15
2. Esther Süss (SUI, Ghost) at 2:53
3. Anna Enocsson (SWE, Ghost) 3:28
4. Franziska Röthlin (SUI, Kona-Verbier-Swiss Factory) 4:06
5. Bettina Schmid (SUI, Fischer-BMC) 7:48
6. Andrea Kuster (SUI, TG Hütten) 7:57
7. Sandra Walter (CAN, X.O-Felt) 8:52
8. Anita Steiner (SUI, RV Einsiedeln-Move On) 15:49
9. Sonja Traxel (SUI, Kona-Verbier-Swiss Factory) 16:45
10. Sandy Kunz (SUI, TG Hütten) 20:57

14. Martina Feldmann (CAN, X.O-Felt) -1 lap

Men’s Results (7 laps)
1. Martin Gujan (SUI, Athleticum) 1:55:04
2. Mortiz Milatz (SUI, Multivan-Merida) 1:55:07
3. Ralph Näf (SUI, Multivan-Merida) 1:56:14
4. Balz Weber (SUI, Bikepark.ch TUI) 1:56:41
5. Nino Schurter (SUI, Swisspower) 1:57:53
6. Chris Jongerwaard (AUS, Australian National Team) 1:58:18
7. Daniel Suter (SUI, Giant Swiss Team) 1:59:16
8. Frederic Frech (Scott Allianz Swiss) 1:59:43
9. Gion Manetsch (SUI, Athleticum) 2:00:10
10. Raffael Schmid (SUI, Fischer-BMC) 2:00:41

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