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“Invisible” Cycling Helmet Created by Swedish Design Students

by pedalmag.com

November 09, 2013 – Following seven years in the making, there’s now a revolutionary helmet option coming for cyclists who are concerned about safety yet still shy away from wearing a lid because they don’t like the look or the fit. The Hövding, designed by two innovative Swedish students, is being dubbed as the “invisible” cycling helmet. The pair raised an impressive $10 million in venture capital for the project.

The unique new design features a discreet “air bag” collar worn around the neck that inflates with helium on impact. The uninflated device looks like a shawl and is available in several attractive patterns. When activated, it inflates rapidly and creates a protective hood around the wearer’s head – watch a video that demonstrates how the Hövding works here.

According to globalnews.ca, the Hövding helmet will be available in Canada next year, but at $558 MSRP, it’s quite an investment in the name of fashion and comfort.

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