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Support \”Canadian Athletes Now Fund\” with Holly\’s Wristbands

July 6, 2006 – Grade 5 student Holly Micuda from Oakville was given an assignment during the Torino Games in February to write an essay on the funding situation for athletes in Canada. Holly not only wrote the essay but decided to do something about the lack of funding for Canadian athletes. She wrote a proposal to her principal of Our Lady of Peace about her idea to sell wristbands for $3.00 with the proceeds going to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund which provides direct financial support to Canadian athletes when they need it the most “¦ NOW!

The wristbands are red and white with “Canadian Athletes Now” on the outside and the slogan that she created “Don’t just hope they’ll win, help them win!” on the inside. She has sold 300 at her school alone. Her goal is to sell 10,000 wristbands with the dream of helping as many athletes as possible.

If you would like to support Holly’s dream please go to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund website at www.CanadianAthletesNow.ca and purchase a wristband. “My goal is to sell 10,000 wristbands by the end of the summer”¦so I need your help and so do all the Canadian athletes,” says Holly.

“What Holly is doing speaks volumes about how our nation is feeling right now,” said Canadian Olympic Alpine skier Kelly Vanderbeek, who has bought 5 of Holly’s wristbands. “She’s inspired by athletes….and that will take her through life. With that kind of attitude she can do anything.”

Holly was recently featured on CBC Sportsfor her initiative and Clara Hughes 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater has recently supported Holly’s program with a $5,000 donation. Clara was a recipient of the Canadian Athletes Now Fund and says “It is my pleasure to help. I wanted to make sure that I remember what helped me reach my dreams and the funds I received from the Canadian Athletes Now Fund really helped, when I needed it.”

For more Information on the Canadian Athletes Now Fund


Email: office@canadianathletesnow.ca

Website: www.CanadianAthletesNow.ca

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