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Star-Crossed – NACT#1 – Canada\’s Simms 2nd

September 21, 2008 (Redmond, WA) – Wendy Simms (Can) Kona finished second at the Star-Crossed cyclocross, the opening round the North American Cyclocross Trophy Championships, NAC#1, on Saturday won by Sue Butler (USA) MonavieCannondale.com with Kathy Sherwin (USA) Velo Bella-Kona in 3rd.

In the men’s race Jeremy Powers (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com/Cannondale was the winner with Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona in 2nd and Tim Johnson (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com/Cannondale in 3rd.


Elite Men

1. Jeremy Powers (USA) Cyclocrossworld:com/Cannondale 1:02:37
2. Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona 0:05
3. Tim Johnson (USA) Cyclocrossworld:com/Cannondale 0:16
4. Adam Craig (USA) Giant Bicycles 0:57
5. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 1:36
6. Russell Stevenson (USA) 1:52
7. Joachim Parbo (Den) CCV Leopard Cycles 2:32
8. Nicholas Weighall (USA) Rad Racing / Hagens Berman LLP 2:59
9. Shannon Skerritt (USA) VANILLA BICYCLES 3:03
10. Dan Timmerman (USA) TEAM RACE PRO
11. Molly Cameron (USA) Vanilla Bicycles 3:13
12. Erik Tonkin (USA) Kona 3:21
13. Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Specialized/KMC pb Cal Giant 4:19
14. Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA) Redlinebikes:com 4:30
15. Solomon Woras (USA) Vanilla
16. Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Sp 5:06
17. Ryan Iddings (USA) Lapierre USA 5:15
18. Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona 5:22
19. Craig Richey (Can) Team Aviawest – Van Dessel 5:30

20. Bart Gillespie (USA) MonavieCannondale:com 6:26
21. Jake Wells (USA) MafiaRacing:com 6:37

1 Lap Behind

22. Kevin Noiles (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
23. Steve Fisher (USA) Rad Racing/Hagens Berman
24. Tyler Trace (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing

2 Laps Behind

25. Nathan Bannerman (USA) Bicycle Centres/Collision 1
26. Cody Kaiser (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Sp
27. Chris Parrish (USA) Rad Racing / Hagens Berman LLP

3 Laps Behind

28. Matthew Wills (USA) Veloshop
29. Jeremy Ferguson (USA)

4 Laps Behind

30. Craig Fowler (USA) uBRDO Team Project
31. Evan Hyde (USA) NashvilleCyclist:com p/b Bike P
32. Ben Chaddock (Can) Whitman College Cycling Team
33. John Duquette (USA) Alki Rubicon

5 Laps Behind

34. Douglas Shryock (USA) MT Cyclocross:com
35. Kevin Thorpe (Can) Trek Red Truck racing p/b Mosaic
36. Chris Sayers (USA)

6 Laps Behind

38. Joe Wessel (Can) Kelowna Cycle/Opus/sd#23
DNF Troy Wells (USA) Clif Bar Cyclocross
DNF Thomas Skinner (Can) Rocky Mountain/K Capital Source
DNF John-Christian Flack (USA) The Valley Athletic Club
DNF Jason Sager (USA) MonavieCannondale:com
DNF Jesse Giordano (USA) Nob Hill Velo
DNF Giancarlo Dalle Angelini (USA) Team Redline
DNF Kyle Mcgilvray (USA) Old Town Bicycle
DNF Travis Mcmaster (USA) MafiaRacing:com
DNF Sean Worsech (USA) Rad Racing
DNF Joshua Berry (USA)
DNF Jason Williams (USA) cucina fresca
DNF Alexander Jackson (USA) Joselyn’s Bicycles
DNS Todd Wells (USA) Team GT
DNS Jonathan Gormick (Can) KONA-ADOBE
DNS Toby Swanson (USA) Benaroya Research Institute
DNS Scott Mcgregor (Can) Steed Cycles / SRAM
DNS Ben Dodge (USA) Sugar CRM/Easton/Specialized

Elite Women

1. Sue Butler (USA) MonavieCannondale:com 38:02:00
2. Wendy Simms (Can) Kona 0:03
3. Kathy Sherwin (USA) Velo Bella – Kona 0:48
4. Dawn Anderson (Can) Everti/Oak Bay Bikes
5. Josie Jacques-Maynes (USA) Specialized/KMC pb Cal Giant
6. Emily Van Meter (USA) River City Bicycles
7. Wendy Williams (USA) River City Bicycles 1:12
8. Sarah Kerlin (USA) HRS / Rock Lobster 1:20
9. Stewart Sarah (Can) Total Restoration 1:38
10. Rhonda Mazza (USA) Team S&M 1:42
11. Amy Dombroski (USA) Velo Bella – Kona 2:06
12. Kristi Berg (USA) Redline Bicycles 2:09
13. Beth Lyndon-Griffith (USA) ByrneInvent 2:41
14. Kari Studley (USA) Velo Bella
15. Shannon Gibson (USA) VeloBella 3:02
16. Kelly Jones (Can) Sugoi 3:06
17. Jadine Riley (GBr) Team Group Health 3:32
18. Coryn Rivera (USA) Team Redline 3:44
19. Jenni Gaertner (USA) Bob’s -Bicycles:com 4:23
20. Jaymie Mcgowan (Can) Oak Bay Bikes 4:48
21. Tela Crane (USA) Vanderkitten Racing 5:30
22. Heather Gundersen (USA) Veloshop 5:49
23. Kele Murdin (USA) verducci racing 7:08
24. Allison Beall (USA) Vanderkitten 7:30
DNF Nicola Mann (Can) Ti Cycles/Avanti Racing
DNS Rachel Lloyd (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Sp

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