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Sprockids Seminar at Cycling Celebrations

October 12, 2005 – The Ontario Cycling Association is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young people by offering them a structured, fun way to get involved in cycling while helping them build self-esteem.

As part of our Cycling Celebration weekend, the OCA is organizing various seminars, one of which touches on the Sprockids learn to ride program. Doug Detwiller, the founder of Sprockids program will be the guest speaker for this seminar.

Elementary school teacher Doug Detwiller developed the Sprockids program. Living in British Columbia, Doug has always been involved in outdoor activities, and cycling quickly became another one of his passions. His enthusiasm for the sport has taken a simple idea and created a program that attracts young people of all ages. The Sprockids program has become an intricate component of his academic teaching, as well as an avenue for helping young people build their self-esteem. It’s a great program for youth camps, retailers, recreation centres, clubs and schools.

Since 1990, Sprockids has been involving young people in the sport of mountain biking and is now in over 15 countries and its membership continues to grow.

We would like to invite the members of your group to be part of this seminar. This seminar cost is $15.00 and includes lunch. Event and Sponsorship seminars to follow for those who are interested. (included in the $15 fee)

For more information please visit: www.ontariocycling.org or www.sprockids.ca

Call 416.426.7416 to reserve your ticket today — limited seating.

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