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Sprockids — How to get kids involved

August 26, 2005 – Prime Time for Sprockids! With summer not officially ending until September 21st, we still have some months of prime riding left to stage Sprockids programs. With a little time on hand before school reopens, Sprockids program can help fill this void and prepare kids to fully appreciate biking in fall — when the weather is crisp and with the lovely colours of the season.

How to find participants for your first Sprockids Class

For first time instructors who want to seek a group of riders, they should first get in touch with the local bike shop. Tell them the benefits of the program (they may already know about the program) like how inspiring the kids to thoroughly enjoy biking would be beneficial to their business in the long run. Once supportive, ask them for access to their customer list or to work with you to follow up with parents who bought bikes for their children this season. After a few phone calls, you should have a core group for your first program! The OCA is also able to help you with advertising your program. Call for details.

CCA Promo Kit

CCA will provide posters and brochures to help advertise the program. Get the posters up in bike stores and ask bike storeowners to display the brochures on their countertops or circulate them to their customers

Value of Safety Sprockids is not a hard sell. How many parents would pass on the opportunity to have their kids learn the 59 riding and safety skills that the program has to offer? It’s like convincing them to put their kids into swimming lessons!

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