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Sprockids 2009 at Atlantic Cycling Academy

release by the Atlantic Cycling Centre

April 27, 2009 – Spring is once again upon us, and the National Cycling Centre, in Dieppe, is proud to announce the start of another great season. Again in 2009, the Cycling Academy will play host to many youth learn to bike programs. Among those, the Sprockids Program offers youth 9 to 12 years of age the opportunity, through cycling, to develop the skills, values and strategies that will benefit them throughout their lives and enable them to successfully reach their full potential.

Participants will develop skills to allow them to safely enjoy and explore the adventures of cycling. This program is the first step in an integrated participant’s development model for cycling and opens the doors to a lifetime of opportunities. The program will start on May 2nd and run once a week (Saturday mornings) and then go until June 20th. We also invite participants from the previous years to participate in phase 2 of the program to get full certification.

For more information or to register please contact us at 877-7809 or click here.

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