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Sprinters Dominate Racing at FCV

release by the Forest City Velodrome

November 16, 2009 (London, ON) – The “Festival of Speed” at the Forest City Velodrome on Saturday night was fast and exciting with many new winners getting on the podium when the racing was completed. The Velo-Kids put on five events with Adrian George (15) from Hamilton, out distancing 14-year-old Jarod Vint from London. Both of these racers will be moving to the Cadet category for the next race on November 28th. Rounding the other top placements were Jerome Rancourt (Hull Quebec), Jordon Johnson (Hamilton) and Nicholas Rancourt (Hull).

The Madison had seven teams contending for the victory with the Junior team of Drew Welsh (15) and Ryan Aitcheson from Kitchener out-distancing the local 15-year-old Daniel McKenzie-Picot and Vince DeJong to the finish. Both of these teams gained a lap on the field and were scored in the order they finished the last sprint to determine the winner. Cadet Kyle Rupay and Gord Singleton had a good race to finish on the third step of the podium.

The sprinters took the night by storm, with a display of power and speed by all competitors. In the qualifications the top nine riders were separated by less than 1/2 a second. This close competition made the first two rounds of the tournament like the finals of most weekly racing at FCV.

Fast qualifier Mike Nuttall (Cycles London) crossed the line in 59.654 kph, Nuttall had the toughest job on the night as he went up against Gord Singleton in the first round. Both racers measured each other for the first half of the race, Nuttall attacked and Singleton had to try to come over the top in the last corner, however he came just an inch short to finish in second. The rest of the night went to plan with Nuttall moving through each round quite easily.

For the semi-finals there was a merging of the A and B divisions to get the true “Festival of Speed” winner on the night. In the semi’s a 3-up sprint between Nuttall, Aitcheson and cagey master Mike Renneboog, saw Renneboog take the lead pushing the pace from the whistle, Aitcheson in the middle with Nuttall lurking just off the back. With two to go Nuttall exploded over the top to take the win and move on easily to the sprint final.

In the other semi, long time supporter of the FCV Keith Thorarinson, made his return to the boards after a long trip to Asia in 2007-2009. Thorarinson was the prohibitive favourite as he was up against Junior John Carden (Invita Sport – FCV) who was on fire all night. Carden took control from the start and did not look back as Thorarinson tired to come over on the final lap Carden accelerated and held on for the very tough victory.

In the final, Nuttall demonstrated his speed by letting the young junior, riding in his first final every take the lead, Carden who said before the final, “he wanted to be aggressive and make him work for the victory”, attacked with over 500m to the finish. He surprised Nuttall and gained seven bike lengths in the opening effort. It took Nuttal two laps to close the distance down that this is when the wheels fell off for the young junior. Carden started to struggle with 1/2 a lap to go and the stronger (Cycles London) rider, sailed over the top and cruised to a ¾ bike length win. The spectators were very happy with the close and fast racing.

The next race at the FCV will be the 4th annual “CanAmQue Challenge” on Saturday November 28th at 7pm.

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