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Springbank 2005

May 2, 2005 – The 37th annual Springbank circuit race got underway under auspicious skies yesterday in London Ontario. With storied names like Bauer, Lovell, Walton and Barry on this prestigous trophy, all the major Ontario teams were lined up, poised to do battle over 72km.

The JetFuel/Sympatico team put two of their boys, Andrew Randell and Joe Guliano in a breakaway with Ital’s Greg Roth and Brandon Crichton that gained a quick 30 seconds on the peleton. The Gears team sensing the danger amassed their team on the front and with the help of La Biccicletta’s duo of Darko Ficko and Heath Cockburn, neutralized the threat.

With two laps remaining Gears former under 23 national champion Ryan Roth bolted off the front, inspiring a heated chase from all seven JetFuel riders. As Roth was gathered up the train continued, with Joey Guliano delivering the JetFuel sprinters Buck Miller and Tim Lefebvre to the line. Placing third was Pavan’s Thorben Wiedtz, followed by last years winner Jeff
Schiller of Gears and Guliano in fifth.

The women’s race saw Merrill Collins take the winning sprint over Leigh Hobson and Colavita-Bolla’s Sue Palmer.

37th Annual Springbank Park RR results London, ON
Sunday May 1, 2005
Courtesy LCW

Mens 1-2-Pro (72 km)

1 Kevin (Buck) MILLER (RS1) Jet Fuel Coffee 1:40:11
2 Tim LEFEBVRE (RS1) Jet Fuel Coffee
3 Thorben Wieditz (RS1) Pavan CT / Teranet
4 Jeff SCHILLER (RS1) Gears Racing.com
5 Giusseppe GIULIANO (RS1) Jet Fuel Coffee
6 Nathan FAULKNER (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire
7 Chris ISAAC (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire
8 Bryan RUSCHE (RS2) Cyclissimo Bike Club
9 Peter MORSE (RS1) Chain Reaction
10 Chris ATKINS (RS1) La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg
11 Ryan ROTH (RS1) Gears Racing.com
12 Brandon CRICHTON (RS2) ItalPasta – Belmire
13 Adam WADE (RS1) BikeSports – Pfaff RT
14 Jason VALENTI (RS1) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas
15 Jeffery HANSEN (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire
16 Todd SCHESEKE (RS1) Queens City Cyclists
17 Paolo EUGENI (RMA) Reynold Koolini RT
18 Malcom MUNRO (RS1) Pavan CT / Teranet
19 Ed MAKARCHUK (RS2 KHS Bicycles Canada
20 Maurice RUELLAND (RS1) Maple Leaf CC
21 Ian MANNING (RS2) BikeSports – Pfaff RT
22 Unknown
23 Andrew HICKMAN (RS2) Mississauga BRC
24 Attila HAJDU (RS2) Mississauga BRC
25 Jason MACLAREN (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire
26 Michael MOORE (RS1) Gears Racing.com
27 Vincent FRANCESCUTTI (RS2) Maple Leaf CC
28 Patrick SHEA (RS1) KHS Bicycles Canada
29 Benjamin DE BRAY (RS1) KHS Bicycles Canada
30 Dave VUKETS (RS2) Gears Racing.com
31 Bruce KRIP (RS1) Vaughan Midweek CC
32 Robert MANN (RS2) KHS Bicycles Canada
33 Matthew GUSE (RS2) Gears Racing.com all s.t.
34 Greg ROTH (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire @ 0:14
35 Wayne TOMKINS (RS2) Maple Leaf CC s.t
36 Heath COCKBURN (RS1) La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg s.t
37 Matt HANSEN (RS1) Independent s.t
38 Matt FORFAR (RS2) St.Catharines CC s.t
39 Nathan CHOWN (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire @ 0:20
40 Daniel MAGGIACOMO (RS1) ItalPasta – Belmire s.t
41 Dan LEFEBVRE (RS1) Gears Racing.com s.t
42 Unknown s.t
43 John-Paul STICKLE (RS2) St.Catharines CC s.t
44 Shane LAVELL (RS2) St.Catharines CC s.t
45 Tyler HOLTZMAN (RS2) St.Catharines CC @ 0:27
46 Mark GOVEIA (RMA) Reynold Koolini RT @ 0:39
Keith GAULD (RS2) Waterloo CC / The Flying DNF
Michael DENNIS (RS2) Vaughan Midweek CC DNF
Rob HISCOCK (RS2) St.Catharines CC DNF
Chris HELWIG (RS2) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas DNF
Michael BARLYSKI (RS2) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas DNF

Women Senior 1-2-3-Master’s (45km)

1 Merrill COLLINS (RS1) La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg 1:21:00
2 Julia FARELL (RS1) Wheels Of Bloor
3 Susan PALMER-KOMAR (RS1) Colvita/Cooking Lite
4 Leigh HOBSON (RS1) Team Diet Cheerwine
5 Anna TRATNYEK (RS2) Mississauga BRC
6 Nada PASKO (RS3) Vaughan Midweek CC
7 Julia BRADLEY (RS1) Wheels Of Bloor
8 Maogosha PYJOR (RS2) Wheels Of Bloor
9 Kerry TRAYNOR (N/A) Queens City Cyclists
10 Lesley CHOWN (RS3) St.Catharines CC all s.t.
11 Lisa WOODSIDE (RMW) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas @ 0:08
12 Ireen WIEDITZ (RS3) Wheels Of Bloor s.t
13 Anne GUZMAN (RS3) Independent @ 0:12
14 Lucida WALLACE (RMW) Mississauga BRC @ 0:37
15 Laurie VANDERHAEGHE (RMW) Reynolds Cycle s.t
16 Corinne ROOS (RMW) London Centennial Wheelers @ 0:43
17 Aimee ALLEN (RS3) Maple Leaf CC @ 1:51
18 Jaymie MCGOWAN (RS3) McMaster CC @ 2:01
Christine HAUK (RMW) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas DNF
Celeste MEREY (RS3) Independent DNF

Junior Women (36km)

1 Hayley ROBERTS McMaster Cycling Club 1:06:52

Master A Men (45km)

1 Kevin DAVIS Chain Reaction 1:11:11
2 Paolo EUGENI Reynold Koolini RT
3 Nicholas DWYER Reynold Koolini RT
4 Gerard YEATES Sport Swap Racing
5 Charlie SQUIRES Westhaven Homes
6 Carlos GONCALVES Westhaven Homes
7 Carlos BARROS La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg
8 Eric CRUDELI BikeSports – Pfaff RT
9 Jeff SHARAFBAYANI Neworld Cycle
10 Mark GOVEIA Reynold Koolini RT
11 Scott BUSCH KHS Bicycles Canada
12 Marc POLSINELLI (RMB) Pavan Cycling Club
13 William KOWALCZYK La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg
14 Ivan CERNIGOY London Centennial Wheelers
15 Paul GREENE Chain Reaction
16 Roberto ZUECH Reynold Koolini RT
17 Tom VILLANO Sport Swap Racing
18 Michael SANKEY Brampton Cycling Club
19 Lorne ANDERSON La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg
20 David WOOLLEY BikeSports – Pfaff RT
21 Richard FRYER G. Caboto Velo
22 John PUCIC D’ornellas Racing Team
23 Scott WOOD Peterborough CC
24 Craig MCCARTHY St.Catharines CC
25 Roy ANDRIGO Team Pusch
26 Brian LEE St.Catharines CC
27 Scott SEXSMITH Peterborough CC
28 Rob FLETCHER La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg
29 Rob SIDHU Independent
30 Gord WOOLLEY BikeSports – Pfaff RT
31 Phill VERMETTE Vaughan Midweek CC
32 Ian FISHER Oakville Race Team
33 Paul DEAN Westhaven Homes
34 Joseph TORCHIA Westhaven Homes
35 Eric PETERSEN Westhaven Homes
36 Henry DUDKO Independent
37 Paul WILKINSON Peterborough CC
38 Gregory CUSHINGS D’ornellas Racing Team
39 Craig VEDOVA Reynold Koolini RT
40 Fred BREWER Reynold Koolini RT
41 Zachary STEINMAN Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs
42 Scott MURISON Peterborough CC
43 Roberto VANI Reynold Koolini RT
44 Sean KLOBUCAR Reynold Koolini RT
45 Julio GONCALVES Westhaven Homes
46 Michael FORSDIKE Reynold Koolini RT
47 Chris BALOGH Independent
48 Dave SCOTT Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs
49 Antonio LIOKOSSIS Coach Chris.ca / All Seas
50 Chris KIZIAK BikeSports – Pfaff RT all s.t.
51 Don ANDREWS Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs @ 0:23
Mark FERGUSSON London Centennial Wheelers DNF
Mark MABBERLEY Independent DNF
Robert IRELAND Reynold Koolini RT DNF
Chris HAUK Coach Chris.ca / All Seas DNF
Dwayne WHITE Independent DNF
Justin THURGOOD Coach Chris.ca / All Seas DNF
Matt PARNELL Peterborough CC DNF

Senior III Men (47.25 km)

1 Damian KURZAWINSKI Vaughan Midweek CC 1:13:17
2 Jeremy RETHAZY Vaughan Midweek CC
3 Devon Smibert Café Racer / Canmore, AB
4 Shawn CLARKE The Cyclery
5 Chris SAUNDERS St.Catharines CC
6 Isaac SMITH St.Catharines CC
7 Terrence MARTINEAU Ottawa Bicycle Club
8 Dylan LANSpeary Independent
9 Duncan JACKSON Cycle Cambrige.com
10 Eric ROBERTSON Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs
11 Paul VENTURELLI Vaughan Midweek CC
12 Justin STEEDS Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs
13 Unknown
14 Marco LI Aquila Racing / Racer Spo
15 Unknown
16 Fred PEREZ Cycle Cambrige.com
17 Unknown
18 Scan Forbes London Centennial Wheelers
19 Unknown
20 Christian CARVALLO Maple Leaf CC
21 Garth LOGAN Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs
22 Matthew TOWNSEND Reynolds Cycle
23 Rob Hardy Maple Leaf CC all s.t.
24 Unknown @ 0:16
25 Greg ALLEN Maple Leaf CC s.t.

Junior Men (40.5 km)

1 Craig BROWNE Coach Chris.ca / All Seas 1:02:51
2 Alexander KORTEN St.Catharines CC
3 Charlie BRYER Independent
4 Jonathan PROSSER Hamilton CC
5 Kris LYSIONEK Gears Racing.com
6 Thomas FOSTER Mississauga Bicycle Racin all s.t.
7 Mark HINNEN La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg @ 0:04
8 Kevin HAZZARD Hamilton CC @ 0:10
Sean MacCORMACK Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs DNF

Master B/C/D Men (45km)

1 Mikrek MAZUR (RMB) Vaughan Midweek CC 1:05:13
2 Kevin Davis (RMB) Chain Reaction
3 Tony ABRAMAVICIUS (RMB) Vaughan Midweek CC
4 Malcolm EADE (RMB) D’ornellas Racing Team
5 Marc POLSINELLI (RMB Pavan CT / Teranet
6 Garnett ABBEY (RMB) D’ornellas Racing Team all s.t.
7 David PIERCE (RMB) BikeSports – Pfaff RT @ 0:25
8 Jim DAVIS (RMB) Jet Fuel Coffee
9 Robert SZASZ (RMB) Jet Fuel Coffee
10 Kees LOUWS (RMB) Independent
11 Mark HEARN (RMB) St.Catharines CC
12 Fred PEPPER (RMB) Vaughan Midweek CC
13 Dave VAN DE LAAR (RMB) St.Catharines CC
14 Phill VERMETTE (RMB) Vaughan Midweek CC
15 Steve COPELAND (RMB) London Centennial Wheelers
16 Bob STEER (RMC) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas
17 Tim BEST (RMB) Sault Cycling Club
18 Alex POND (RMB) Vaughan Midweek CC
20 Brian ZOLPER (RMB) D’ornellas Racing Team
21 Dean LOWRIE (RMB) Independent
22 Elio ZANELLA (RMD) G. Cabot Velo
23 Scott ROBERTS (RMB) London Centennial Wheelers
24 Perry GELAKIS (RMB) Coach Chris.ca / All Seas
25 Don MACPHAIL (RMB) Newmarket CC
26 Peter HEIN (RMD) Vaughan Midweek CC
27 Bruce CAMACHO (RMC) D’ornellas Racing Team all s.t.
28 Gregory T. CUSHING (RMB) D’ornellas Racing Team @ 0:36
29 Paul BOWKUNOWICZ (RMB) Jet Fuel Coffee s.t.

Cadet Men (36 km)

1 Ricardo PEREA Vaughan Midweek CC finish time n/a
2 Jan ZAK Independent
3 Connor HAMMON London Centennial Wheelers
4 Darren KORTEN St.Catharines CC
5 John LUCENTA Maple Leaf CC

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