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SpiderTech’s Gilbert and Boivin Win Pit Stop Challenge at Montreal Grand Prix

release by Team SpiderTech p/b C10

June 13, 2011 (Montreal, QC) – Martin Gilbert and Guillaume Boivin won the Pit Stop Challenge during the Grand Prix festival on Crescent St. in downtown Montreal Thursday, against star athletes including Montreal Canadiens hockey player P.K. Subban and Olympic diving medallist Alexandre Despatie. Gilbert tells the story:

Guillaume Boivin and I were employed as F1 mechanics for a few minutes …

Thursday noon we competed in a wheel change contest on an IndyCar racing car against other sports personalities, such as as P.K. Suban.

We were confident, because we perform tire changes twice a year to install our wheels and tires for winter and summer. So we had to remove a wheel, put it on the ground, then replace it.

Four seconds was our contest-winning time.

Before we began, we asked the time required in order to be hired for the Grand Prix on Sunday. We were told six seconds.

A time that we beat by almost two seconds, but they have not offered us the job. These mechanics are probably…

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Original in French here.

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