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SpiderTech’s Euro Prep for Canadian ProTours

by John Symon

August 3, 2010 (Kortrijk Belgium) – SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy sent 12 team members to Europe to train for the upcoming ProTour races in Quebec City on Sept. 10 and in Montreal on Sept. 12 – the team’s first trip to Europe. These riders include: Mark Batty, David Boily, Éric Boily, Guillaume Boivin, Lucas Euser, Martin Gilbert, Keven Lacombe, Simon Lambert-Lemay, Bruno Langlois, François Parisien, Andrew Randell and Flavio de Luna Davila. We caught up with team director Steve Bauer in Belgium to find out more about the squad’s debut to Europe.

Where is the team based and what does your Euro schedule look like?
Steve Bauer: We’re based near Kortrijk, Belgium. We’ve got lots of options – the team raced in Buggenhout, Belgium on August 1st – then we head to France and likely to Germany.

– August 1, Buggenhout, Belgium
– August 4-5, Paris Corrèze (UCI 2.1)

Confirmed Participation
– Aug. 7-8 – Sparkassen Giro in Bochum, Germany (UCI 1.1)
– Aug. 12-15 – Mi Aout Bretagne (UCI 2.2)
– Aug. 18 – GP de Zottegem in Belgium (UCI 1.1),
– Aug. 25 – GP des Marbriers in France (UCI 1.2)

Other possible races
– Overisje Belgium
– Schaal JP Sels, Belgium (UCI 1.1).
– Kermesse Races – Heusden on August 11, Schilde on August 20

What are SpiderTech’s main objectives in Europe?
SB: To gain experience and progress in racing and, most importantly, prepare our riders physically and mentally for the ProTour events in Quebec City and Montreal.

How’s the morale on the team and is everyone healthy?
SB: The team is very good. Everyone is coming off a one month active, rest and training period to build up for this European project

How did your first competition in Belgium go on Sunday ?
SB: Very well. Most of the riders only had one full day in Europe before this first Kermesse competition. All of our guys fared very well. We were active in all the breakaways; both Francois [Parisien] and David [Boily] made the good breakaway split with 60km to go. The race was fast, rolling along some 166km in 3 hrs 40 min. Francois finished seventh.

Realistically, what are SpiderTech’s chances at the ProTours in Quebec (City) and Montreal?
SB: Our riders will race as part of the Canadian National team. SpiderTech is a sponsoring partner and our team is making a large investment to achieve our goals by coming to Europe to race and prepare. We have 12 riders here for one month. I am expecting our guys to give 110% and the riders themselves will provide your answer in September. I am not going to make any predictions. We enter every race with the goal to win.

What kind of buzz is there in Europe about the two upcoming Canadian ProTours… are people excited?
SB: While speaking with directors and managers of teams in Europe they respond very positively and find the new expansion a very good thing for professional cycling.

How do things look with SpiderTech’s ProTour application? Will everything be in place on September 1st?
SB: We are working hard on this. No further comment at this moment.

What can you tell us about the top secret Argon 18 bike for 2011?
SB: Why the hell would I do that? Contact Gervais [Rioux, Argon 18’s owner].

We did and look for our scoop on this hot ride shortly

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