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Special Guest to Forest City Velodrome

October 5, 2005 – Thanksgiving Saturday night at the Velodrome in London Ontario, will be something special. I was able to confirm the appearance of two time Olympian, 1982 World Keirin Champion, 2 time World Masters Champion – Gord Singleton from Niagara Falls will be at the track this weekend, on October 8th.

Gord’s busy schedule has keep him away from the sport for a number of years. He is back on his bike training for “fun and recreation”.

Gord will be getting reacquainted with the Velodrome in the afternoon. He is hoping to acquire enough skill to participate in a couple of races in the evening. We might have a Keirin just to have some fun.

The track opens in the afternoon for warm-up with racing starting at 7pm. Adult admission is $10, $5 for Seniors. A full program of racing is planned with a demonstration Madison, Velo-Kids, Devil & a Madison close the evening. All of the riders are getting ready for our first 6 Day Festival in Late October. for more information www.ForestCityVelodorme.ca

Velodrome News:

Velo-Kids at Noon – 2pm on Saturday, Learn to ride 2 – 3:30pm, Structured
rec ride 3:30 – 5pm

The race committee has decided that for a “new” rider to race on a Saturday
Night they must complete 8 hours of track time and demonstrate the skill to
compete in a safe manner. The area’s we are concentrating on bike
handling, holding a line, knowledge of track rules, being able to avoid

The Sunday track sessions have been canceled for Thanksgiving.

See you at the track,

Rob Good

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