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Spakwus 50 – New MTB Marathon Bike Race in Squamish, BC

release by Spakwus 50

November 19, 2016 (Squamish, BC) – If you have raced a mountain bike in Squamish, BC, you have been through the crusher. You have been jammed and jabbed. You have passed the Test. Now you are wondering what is next for your favourite riding destination.

Spakwus 50Mountain Bike racing will continue in Squamish on June 17, 2017, with the announcement of the Spakwus 50 Marathon Mountain Bike Race and BC Provincial XCM Championships. Spakwus means Bald Eagle in the Squamish Nation language, S_wx_wú7mesh, and symbolises the wildly majestic beauty of the Squamish Valley.

This valley has been the fertile hunting grounds of the Bald Eagle for hundreds of years and now has become a destination for cyclists to hunt down and find world class mountain bike trails. These lands provide life to the Bald Eagle but to the mountain biker, these lands provide meaning. The celebration of life and recreation amongst these lands is the Spakwus 50.

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