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Slope Sistair Freeride Invitational

August 9, 2005 – Hemlock Valley Resort, a regional destination for outdoor recreation, is pleased to announce the first-ever, women’s freeride invitational. On September 1st-3rd, this slopestyle competition will offer the top women in North America a chance to showcase their skills in front of a panel of celebrities and a large audience. Expect to see riders such as Barb Haley, Darcy Turenne, Hannah Steffans, and Katrina Strand throwing down at this premiere event.

Athletes will compete on a slopestyle course dotted with wall rides, gap jumps, hips, and (pink) car gaps. A panel of celebrity riders and industry personnel will be on hand to help judge the contest; riders will be judged on control, amplitude, style, fluidity, and the difficulty of the line they choose. Whether you gear up and ride or just drive up to watch, plan on a hearty serving of hucks, style, air, and carnage. September 2nd is qualifying day followed by finals on Sunday the 3rd. After all is said and done, our sponsors will have awarded thousands of dollars in cash and prizes to the pool of competitors. All the local pros and hardcores will be there to make you sweat- first on the hill, then at the after party! Hemlock is not only hosting this women’s freeride event this weekend- it’s also bringing together the 4th annual Mountain Berry Festival- a weekend packed with berry picking, hiking, and the Hemlock Valley ski and snowboard fundraiser.

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