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Singletrack 6 Stages 1-3 Report, Results, Photos

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July 29, 2015 (Salmon Arm, BC) – Stage 1 of the 2015 Singletrack 6 got under way this morning on a cool day in Salmon Arm, BC. Close on 300 riders took to the tough climbs, enjoyed the awesome technical descents on trails that were in super shape on the Rubberhead and Larch Hills trail networks.

Look Mom, no hands  ©  Singletrack 6

With a significant amount of precipitation falling yesterday morning in the Salmon Arm area, drenching the super dry trails in need of moisture, followed by the perfect amount of sunshine in the afternoon, the great course put together by the brains trust of Skookum Cycles, The Shuswap Trail Alliance and Shuswap Cycling Club were in the mood to show off the best of what they had to offer. Conditions were prime for some enjoyable riding by the entire field.

Cory Wallace of Kona was the first of the men across the line, dominating the entire stage from the first climb to the final descent. Despite his aggressive approach fellow Team Kona rider Kris Sneddon was close behind with Team Rocky Mountain Europe’s Anderl Hartmann who followed in third place.

Catharine Pendrel of Team Luna, riding in the ST3 event was the first lady across the line followed by Kate Aardal of Ridley Cycles and in 3rd place Team Deadgoat Racing’s Trish Grajczyk.

Full Stage 1 results HERE.
Stage 1 timed descent HERE.

Stage 2
Stage 2 hosted at Silver Star Bike Park started on a chilly morning atop the hills of the provincial park. It was a quick start from Main Street (Watch it Here) followed by a challenging network of hand built trails testing the riders from start to finish. A quick downhill blitz to the finish line was welcomed by the riders after taking on the elevation and altitude.

Single Track All Day Long  ©  Singletrack 6
The trails prepared by the crew here at Silver Star Bike Park were in great condition proving once again why they are one of the top rated bike parks in North America.
It was a ding-dong battle out there today with Corey Wallace (Team Kona) riding aggressively again working hard at opening the gap between himself, Andreas Hartmann (Craft Rocky Mountain Europe) in 2nd Place and Tristan Uhl (Competitive Cyclist) in 3rd Place. Just over 7 minutes now separates the men’s podium going into the halfway point.
We can expect the hammer down again tomorrow as the chasing pack hunts Wallace through the trails of Kalamalka Lake. We could see a case of the best form of defense is offence by the leader, with his leave it all on the trails approach.
Hard at Work on the Trails of Silver Star  ©  Singletrack 6
In the women’s race Kate Aardal (Ridley’s Cycle) is dominating the event as she currently has a commanding lead over 2nd place Carmen Labbe (Kick Ass Coffee) and Nicole Muzechka (Deadgoat Racing) in 3rd place. The ladies will be going all-out in a battle that will heat up as the mercury rises heading deeper into the Okanagan region tomorrow and beyond.
We cannot wait to see how tomorrow’s stage unfolds in all categories on a route that will require some grit followed by wily descending skills on Big Ed that could prove the difference into the finish.

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Stage 3
Santa Cruz Stage 3 in Kalamalka Lake started on an overcast but warm morning that set the scene with showers temporarily sprinkling the riders as they left the start line in the valley of Cold Stream. There was the relentless quad-burning climb presenting the riders to the much anticipated and feared Big Ed descent.
Wide Eyes on Big Ed  ©  Singletrack 6
“Big E” as he is now affectionately known by riders who managed to man-oeuvre their way down this juggernaut of a descent that induces fist pumps and back slapping once riders realize they have tamed the trail, dominated the topic of animated discussions at the finish line today.
“Big E” lived up to his reputation forcing some wide eyes and tight knuckles around handle bars. Once he was done with riders he spat them out onto some of the most amazing views of the event this far with Kalamalka Lake enticing riders to its shores.
Front of the pack rider, Jason Sager (CompetitiveCyclist.com) was overheard saying it was the most rowdy downhill he has ever ridden on a XC bike. Big Respect to all who tamed the beast.
We prepared ourselves for an epic battle out there today and the sharp end of the field definitely did not disappoint as riders fought for the top step of the podium in ST6 and our top riders sealed the deal in the final stage of ST3.

Leader of ST6, Cory Wallace put the hammer down again today extending his lead over second position to just over 8 minutes in the General Classification. Tristan Uhl (CompetitiveCyclist.com) and very recent winner of BC Bike Race had a solid ride finishing in second place with Andreas Hartmann (Craft Rocky Mountain) in 3rd place.

We eagerly await the outcome of a stage that will subject riders to the real dry heat of the Okanagan prepared by Pace Sports Fitness.
Cory Wallace... follow the leader  ©  Singletrack 6
In the women’s race Kate Aardal (Ridley’s Cycle) stamped her authority on the rest of the chasing pack opening up her lead further over 2nd place Carmen Labbe (Kicking Horse Coffee) and Nicole Muzechka (Deadgoat Racing) in 3rd Place.

The ST3 event wrapped up today and what a finish it proved to be as Kalamalka Lake was the perfect send off to riders after a challenging and beautiful 3 stages of riding.

Olympian and XC World Champion, Catharine Pendrel (Luna) was an Absolute Gem and ambassador for the sport as she took the overall win in the same week she will be riding a UCI World Cup.
Kris Sneddon (Kona) took the overall win in the men’s event in a commanding way proving his professionalism and credentials.

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