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Simtra Bikes – A New Canadian Bike Frame

October 28, 2005 – Simtra Bikes is proud to announce for the 2006 season its own line of frames and P&A. Simtra is a branch of the already known Cycles Simtra, the Canadian distribution company that as been in operation since 1999.

As a natural expansion of the company it was normal that we set up our own line and the timing is just right to do so. At Simtra, we developed our entire line with the help and input from our street and trials team riders, some of the most reputed in Canada.

Our frames and components are Street/Park and trials orientated.

Currently, we are making a 4130 cromo street/park frame “˜’Psycho’’, a 7005 double butted alu street frame the “˜’BnB’’ and a seatless 7005 trials frame “˜’ST-1’’. We will also be adding a few components too.

The Psycho our 4130 Cromo frame is a park/street oriented design. With the demanding aspects of riding, our riders have asked us for a more choices of rear axles depending on the type of riding they are doing. So our unique 8mm thick vertical dropouts allow riders to use a standard MTB 135mm hub/10mm axle OR a 110mm BMX/14mm axle.

The “˜’ BnB’’ (Which stands for Bruised “˜n Battered) is our 7005 series aluminium street frame with a trialsy feel to it.

By «trialsy feel to it», we mean there are a lot of riders who are blending traditional street moves with tech moves of trials. These guys ride suspension forks or suspension adjusted rigid forks and the «47lbs fat cow huck off everything street bike» will not cut it for this. So this frame gives them the angles, the stays of a trials frame they need to do all that.

The “˜’ST-1’’ is Our UCI style trials frame. It is probably one of the lowest stand over stock bikes on the market. This gives you an open feel, more room for movement while attempting those difficult moves, where you have to shift your weight around quickly.

Since we are still a fairly small company, we aim to make products that are in tune with the riders needs. We are not aiming at the ultimate burly bike, we are not claiming that our bikes will resist hucking off a 30 ft cliff. But there’s that one thing we can definitely guaranty and be proud of: we will offer the best weight to strength ratio, at prices you can afford.

The product will be available early 2006.

For more information on Simtra, visit www.simtrabikes.com

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